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Soil is made up of pieces of rocks, wood, decayed plants, and many other materials. What is soil?
a) an atom
b) an element
c) a mixture
d) a compound

The chemical formula for glucose is C6 H12 O6. How many DIFFERENT ELEMENTS make up one molecule of glucose?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 12
d) 24

Which of the following is the basis for arranging the elements in the periodic table?
a) alphabetical order
b) atomic mass
c) atomic number
d) date of discovery

The process in which a liquid becomes a gas is called _________________________.
a) condensation
b) sublimation
c) freezing point
d) vaporization

A material has a definite volume but a shape that can change. What is its state?
a) liquid
b) gas
c) solid
d) plasma

Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a) water evaporating
b) carbon joining with oxygen to form carbon dioxide
c) ice cream melting
d) a pencil breaking

What two quantities must be known in order to calculate the density of a sample of matter?
a) color and mass
b) length and mass
c) mass and volume
d) solubility and mass

What does the law of conservation of mass state?
a) The total mass of the reactants is greater than the total mass of the products.
b) Mass can be created but not destroyed.
c) The total mass of the reactants is less than the total mass of the products.
d) The total mass of the reactants equal the total mass of the products.

Which of these substances is a base?
a) vinegar
b) lemon juice
c) water
d) liquid soap

An unknown solution is tested using blue litmus paper. The blue litmus paper remains blue. What can be determined about the pH of the solution using this test?
a) The pH is greater than 8.
b) The pH is less than 7.
c) The pH is greater than 5.5.
d) The pH is 5.5 or less.

What is MOST LIKELY the pH of lemonade?
a) 10
b) 8
c) 7
d) 4

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