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Who woke Kate Barlow up demanding to know where her loot was?
a) Charles 'Trout' Walker
b) Ms. Harris
c) The Sheriff
d) The Warden

Katherine Barlow would win a special prize for her _________________________.
a) apple pie
b) spiced peaches
c) green bean casserole
d) iced tea

How did Kissin' Kate Barlow die?
a) She was bitten by a rattlesnake.
b) She was old.
c) She was bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard.
d) Charles 'Trout' Walker shot her.

What did Zero learn to write?
a) A letter.
b) His name.
c) Nothing.
d) Numbers.

What became of Green Lake?
a) Everything stayed the same.
b) There was a bad storm and the town flooded.
c) It became an ocean.
d) The lake dried up and so did everything else.

What was the deal the sheriff was trying to make with Miss Katherine?
a) If she would kiss him, he would not harm Sam.
b) If she left town, nothing would happen to Sam.
c) If she would marry him, he would buy her anything she wanted.
d) Nothing

What happened to Sam and Mary Lou?
a) Both of them were shot to death.
b) They both escaped and left town.
c) Miss Katherine and Sam got married and left town riding on Mary Lou.
d) They came to live in Dimmitt.

What did Miss Katherine do to the Sheriff after the incident with Sam and Mary Lou?
a) She agreed to marry him.
b) She did nothing at all.
c) She killed him, put on red lipstick, and finally kissed him.
d) She kicked him in the knee.

What did Sam fix first for Miss Katherine?
a) Her desk.
b) The windows of the school house.
c) The roof of the school house.
d) The steps of the school house.

How did Miss Katherine feel about Sam?
a) She could not stand him or his onions.
b) She thought he was a good friend.
c) She did not know Sam.
d) She was falling in love with him.

What were the people in the town trying to destroy?
a) The courthouse.
b) The lake.
c) Sam's boat.
d) The school house.

What did Sam sell on his cart?
a) Carrots
b) Apples
c) Raw Onions
d) Pickles

What kind of animal is Mary Lou?
a) Cat
b) Donkey
c) Horse
d) Dolphin

What did Mr. Sir do to Stanley when it was time to fill up canteens?
a) He did not fill up Stanley's canteen.
b) He spit on Stanley.
c) He slapped Stanley.
d) He did not talk to Stanley.

Katherine Barlow was Green Lake's only
a) teacher
b) cook
c) make-up artist
d) Judge

How did Charles Walker get the nickname 'Trout'?
a) He loved to go fishing.
b) He looked like a fish.
c) He had stinky feet.
d) He had smelly breath.

Trout had always gotten everything he ever wanted. He found it hard to believe that Miss Katherine had ___________________________.
a) accepted his marriage proposal
b) gone on a date with him
c) turned him down for a date
d) kicked him

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