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What was the dominant religion in the Ottoman Empire?
a) Christianity
b) Buddhism
c) Judaism
d) Islam

What happened as a result of the 1953 treaty signed at the end of the Korean conflict?
a) victory for South Korea
b) victory for North Korea
c) defeat of the United States
d) stalemate

What revolutionary leader led the Communist Party to power in China in 1949?
a) Zhou Enlai
b) Chiang Kai-shek
c) Emperor Hirohito
d) Mao Zedong

Which South African president helped bring an end to apartheid?
a) Joseph Mobutu
b) Jomo Kenyatta
c) Julius Nyere
d) Frederik Willem de Klerk

At the Berlin Conference, European nations agreed to divide up the African continent. What was the main goal of the European nations?
a) to gain control of natural resources
b) to gain new markets for manufactured goods
c) to gain opportunities for religious missionaries
d) to gain land for new citizens

What is the reason for the continuing conflicts between Israel and its Arab neighbors?
a) to assist Chinese intervention
b) to stop the spread of communism
c) to support Ho Chi Minh
d) to restore rule to France

What was a positive impact of Europes partitioning of Africa?
a) civil wars
b) new road construction
c) separation of families
d) separation of tribes

Under the leadership of Mao Zedong, China attempted to catch up to the powers of the West in industrial and agricultural production. Mao's program to accomplish this goal to was called
a) the Cultural Revolution
b) the Great Leap Forward
c) the rise of communism
d) the Long March

What was the event that led to the United States' invasion of Iraq in the 1991 Persian Gulf War?
a) discovery of weapons of mass destruction
b) Iraqi missile attacks on Israel
c) Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
d) threat of nuclear weapons of attack

In 1989, the Chinese government violently repressed a popular protest in
a) Macao
b) Tiananmen Square
c) Taiwan
d) Hong Kong

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