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What parts of the brain are fairly well established at birth?
a) brainstem and brain
b) brain and mid brain
c) brainstem and mid brain
d) every single part of the brain!

What is a quantitative measure that provides typical values and variation in such characteristics as height and weight for children?
a) norm
b) spurt
c) brainstem
d) mid brain

What size is the brain at birth compared to the adult sized brain?
a) 38%
b) 25%
c) 100%
d) 60%

What are basic brain cells called?
a) myelin
b) glial cells
c) nutrients
d) neurons

What are parts of the brain insulated with?
a) glial cells
b) myelin
c) neurons
d) nutrients

What are myelin made up of?
a) myelin cells
b) neurons
c) glial cells
d) nutrients

Which step is the production of new nerve cells?
a) migration
b) differentiation
c) proliferation
d) brain synthesis

What is the process of neurons that are moved from the neural tube where they were produced to other locations?
a) migration
b) proliferation
c) differentiation
d) brain synthesis

What is the process of enlarging, forming synapses with other neurons?
a) brain synthesis
b) migration
c) proliferation
d) differentiation

When is the brain most plastic?
a) birth
b) infancy
c) death
d) adolescence

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