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A story of ACTUAL people is about
a) real persons.
b) fairy tale characters.
c) persons who did not ever live.
d) the Tin Man and Scarecrow in the story "The Wizard of Oz."

I plan to play SOCCER someday.
a) I am planning to try that sport.
b) I never want to do that sport.
c) I am afraid to try to play soccer.
d) I don't know anything about soccer.

If the Eagles CONQUEOR the Tigers, you can say that
a) the Eagles win.
b) the Tigers won.
c) the Eagles lose.
d) it was a tie game.

A VIBRANT story is one that
a) is very interesting and exciting.
b) always has six paragraphs.
c) sounds like many other stories.
d) is hard to understand.

One way to CHILL jello is to
a) put it in the refrigerator.
b) boil it for seven minutes.
c) sprinkle pepper in it.
d) putit in the microwave.

A poem with WIT might make you
a) giggle.
b) sob.
c) forget the rhyming words.
d) sneeze.

Which comment shows TACT?
a) Your voice was very nice as you sang that song.
b) You need lots of practice before you sing again.
c) Your voice is not as lovely as your sister's.
d) Your voice sounds like a howling dog.

We waded in the SHALLOW water of the
a) brook.
b) mountain.
c) pasture.
d) rocky hillside.

Someone would probably feel FORTUNATE if
a) you found a fifty dollar bill.
b) you got caught in a rainstorm with thunder and lightning.
c) you had a bike wreck and scraped your knees and broke your arm.
d) you lost your wallet and all your money was in it.

A car with a SOLID color
a) is only one color.
b) has four doors.
c) is two colors.
d) is camouflage.

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