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Why did President Nixon attempt to have John Lennon deported?
a) He was an outspoken peace activist against the Vietnam War
b) He had exposed Watergate scandal
c) Lennon had murdered a top official
d) He had spoken against Nixon’s reforms

Who was Lennon photographed with on the day of his murder?
a) President Nixon
b) Mark David Chapman
c) His fan club
d) Annie Leibovitz

Which of the following was the book that the murderer was obsessed with?
a) The Poisonwood Bible
b) The Catcher and the Rye
c) 84
d) American Dreams

Which of the following was NOT on Chapman’s hit list?
a) Jackie Kennedy Onassis
b) Marlon Brando
c) Elizabeth Taylor
d) Grace Kelly

What was Kevorkian an advocate for?
a) Euthanasia
b) Incest
c) Insane Asylum treatments
d) Blood Transfusions

Identify what Kevorkian advertised for.
a) Plastic Surgery
b) Taxidermy
c) Assisted Suicide
d) Murder

What percentage of people were not terminally ill?
a) 30
b) 10
c) 40
d) 60

What is Kimberly Mays known for?
a) Murder
b) Switched at birth
c) Kidnapping
d) Mass Murder

How did they discover the girls had been switched?
a) Arlena had heart disease, and due to the tests it was determined her parents were not her birth parents.
b) Neither Arlena or Kimberly looked like the parents they lived with.
c) Arlena had to have a blood transfusion after a car accident, and neither parent matched her blood type.
d) Kimberly had to have a blood transfusion, and neither parent matched her blood type.

Why did Kimberly end up moving in with her genetic parents?
a) The state government required she move in with her birth parents.
b) Federal law dictated that she move with her birth parents.
c) She claimed her father was abusing her, and moved in with her birth parents.
d) Her father and mother died, so she moved in with her birth parents.

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