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What are the names of Jose and Kitty’s sons who would later murder them?
a) Kyle and Erik
b) Lyle and Erik
c) Lyle and Derick
d) Kyle and Derick

Who was shot point blank in the back of the head by a 12-gauge shotgun?
a) Jose
b) Kitty
c) Lyle
d) Erik

Identify the alibi of the brothers.
a) They were in a different city.
b) They were shark fishing.
c) Dinner and a movie with friends
d) On dates with their girlfriends.

The boys spent a lot of money after the murders. Which of the following was NOT a purchase?
a) Rolex watches
b) $60,000 a year tennis coach
c) Restaurants
d) A pet shark

Which brother confessed to the therapist?
a) Erik
b) Lyle
c) Derrick
d) Kyle

The brothers claimed they killed their parents why?
a) Self defense. Jose started the fight.
b) Self defense. They thought their parents were burglars.
c) They never admitted they killed their parents.
d) They feared their parents would kill them since they were going to tell someone about the abuse.

How was their father described?
a) Abusive and controlling
b) Kind and caring
c) Loving and helpful
d) Not present

What was different in their second trial?
a) One jury
b) Cameras were allowed to film the trial
c) Erik plead not guilty due to insanity
d) It was the same prosecution from OJ Simpson’s trial.

Who was Casey Anthony charged with murdering?
a) Her father, Jack
b) Her mother, Ann
c) Her daughter, Caylee
d) Her boyfriend, Scott

Where was the body of Caylee found?
a) In the woods not far from the house
b) In the swimming pool
c) Never found
d) Never found

Was Casey found guilty?
a) She was found guilty
b) She was found not guilty
c) She was found not guilty due to insanity
d) She was never charged.

When did Laci disappear?
a) Christmas Eve 2002
b) Christmas Day 2003
c) Thanksgiving Day 2002
d) New Year’s Eve 2003

Identify Scott’s alibi.
a) Scott had been with his mistress.
b) Scott had been hunting all day.
c) Scott was at work.
d) Scott had been fishing all day.

What was the cause of death of Laci?
a) Blunt force trauma
b) Strangulation
c) Shot
d) There was no way to determine cause of death due to decomposition.

Which of the following was NOT with Scott at the time of his arrest?
a) Thousands of dollars
b) Scott and Laci’s dog
c) Survival gear
d) A gun

What was Scott found guilty of?
a) Two counts of murder
b) Kidnapping
c) Rape
d) One count of murder

What was Rodney King doing at the time of his arrest?
a) Robbing a store
b) Kidnapping his daughter
c) High speed car chase
d) Dealing drugs

Which of the following was NOT used on King?
a) Batons
b) Tasers
c) Kicks and punches
d) 12 gauge shotgun

Who recorded the beating of Rodney King?
a) Frank Keating
b) George Holliday
c) Michael Morehead
d) India Gilvens

What caused the LA riots?
a) The beating of Rodney King
b) The acquittal of OJ Simpson
c) The assassination of JFK
d) The acquittal of the officers

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