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Who is the speaker of a poem?
a) the person reading the poem to you
b) you
c) the illustrator
d) the person telling the poem

The aroma from the kitchen told me mom was making my favorite dinner...appeals to the sense of ______.
a) taste
b) smell
c) sight
d) touch

To really understand what I have read, I should...
a) read the selection as fast as I can
b) ask questions while I read the selection
c) skip over the text features
d) only look at the pictures

A poem that expresses strong feelings, sounds like a song, and can rhyme.
a) humerous
b) lyrical
c) narrative
d) free verse

A poem that tells a story, can rhyme, and has characters, a setting, and plot is a ______ poem.
a) free verse
b) humerous
c) lyrical
d) narrative

What gives a poem a steady beat?
a) rhythm
b) stanzas
c) rhyme
d) the title

Lucy forgot her homework at home, so she had to give her teacher three tickets. What is the cause?
a) She had to give her teacher three tickets
b) Lucy forgot her homework at home

Next, Before, After, Finally are all clue words for the ______ of events.
a) main idea
b) cause and effect
c) sequence
d) theme

Theme questions ask you about the ______ of the story.
a) message
b) moral
c) lesson
d) all of the above

The reader can what type of question?
a) summary
b) inference
c) main idea
d) cause and effect

Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then and BME are all ways to find the ______ of a passage.
a) sequence
b) main idea
c) summary
d) theme

What do you do when you come to a word that you don't know the meaning of?
a) look for an antonym
b) look for an example or explanation
c) look for a synonym
d) all of the above

How do you find the main idea of a passsage
a) find the important parts of the beginning, middle, and end
b) determine what the story is mostly about
c) using background knowledge and text clues
d) thinking about the message of the story

What type of story below would describe the genre of fiction?
a) a fairy tale
b) a story that has true facts and information
c) a story that has made up characters
d) a story written about a real person

Text features are important because...
a) they help you understand the text and give you more information about what you read
b) they take up space on your paper
c) they are fun to look at
d) they rhyme

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