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An animal with no backbone
a) Vertebrate
b) Invertebrate
c) Frog
d) Cow

Which one is a type of Fungi?
a) Spider
b) Grass
c) Algea
d) Mushroom

A characteristic of a plant
a) Makes it's own food
b) Hunts for food
c) Migrates during the winter
d) Hibernates During the Winter

Vertebrate means
a) Backbone
b) No Backbone
c) Can Fly
d) Lives in Water

A spider is a type of
a) Fungi
b) Verteberate
c) Invertebrate
d) Protist

A series of behavioral changes an animal goes through
a) Photosynthesis
b) Metamorphosis
c) Fertilization
d) Migration

a) s
b) s
c) S
d) S

a) S
b) S
c) S
d) S

a) S
b) S
c) S
d) S

a) S
b) S
c) S
d) S

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