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What is one difference between a mixture and a compound?
a) A compound consists of more than one phase
b) A mixture must be uniform in composition
c) A mixture can only be seperated into its components by chemical means
d) A compound can only be seperated itno its componenets by chemical means

The first figure in a properly written chemical symbol always is _
a) boldfaced
b) underlined
c) italicized
d) capitalized

Which of the following represents a compound?
a) H
b) O-14
c) H2O
d) H-3

What must be done to be certain that a chemical change has taken place?
a) check for bubbles
b) demonstrate energy is absorbed
c) check the composition of sample before and after change
d) demonstrate the release of heat

The diameter of a carbon atom is 0.000 000 000 154 m . What is the number in scientific notation?
a) 1.54 x 10 12
b) 1.54 x 10 -10
c) 1.54 x 10 10
d) 1.54 x 10 - 12

How man significan figures are in the measurement 40,500 mg
a) 2
b) 8
c) 5
d) 3

What is the temperature of absoluted zero measured in C
a) -373
b) -273
c) -173
d) -73

What is the boiling point of water in kelvins?
a) 0K
b) 100 K
c) 273 K
d) 373 K

The atomic number of an element is the total number of which particles in the nucleus?
a) neutrons
b) protons
c) electrons
d) protons and electrons

Isotopes of the same element have different_________
a) positions on the periodic table
b) chemical behavior
c) atomic numbers
d) mass numbers

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