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In a baseball game, pitcher throws the ball to the batter. The batter hits the ball. What is always true about the ball's motion after it has been hit?
a) The ball is moving faster
b) The direction of the ball's motion as changed.
c) The ball's motion is unaffected by the force of gravity
d) The ball's motion is unaffected by friction

A leaf is blowing in the breeze. Eventually it falls to the ground. What force has made the leaf come down?
a) magnetism
b) friction
c) vibration
d) gravity

Which of these are forces that can act on objects without touching them?
a) gravity and motion
b) motion and friction
c) magnetism and gravity
d) friction and magnetism

Which of these can affect the amount of friction between two objects?
a) the air pressure of the room
b) their mass
c) their brightness
d) their color

What kind of force can cause two objects to push away from each other without touching?
a) gravity
b) friction
c) collision
d) magnetism

You are sweeping sand off the back steps of your house. How would you describe what happens to the sand particles?
a) They undergo a change in periodic motion
b) They undergo a change in vibrational motion
c) They undergo a change in circular motion
d) They undergo a change in position

What best describes the kind of motion a bike's wheels show?
a) periodic
b) vibrational
c) circular
d) variable

Mr Knight is taking a train ride from Greenville to Columbia. The train travels 170 kilometers in 2 hours and 30 minutes. What is the average speed of the train?
a) 85 kilometers per hour
b) 82 kilometers per hour
c) 74 kilometers per hour
d) 68 kilometers per hour

Which of these would change direction most often? Choose the best answer
a) a bowling ball rolling down the lane
b) an ant walking up a blade of grass
c) a basketball during a game
d) a car as it drives down a ramp

Results of Race: Runner K- 2 minutes 5 seconds; Runner L- 1 minute 44 seconds; Runner M- 2 minutes 15 seconds; Runner N- 1 minute 52 seconds Which runner had the highest average speed?
a) Runner K
b) Runner L
c) Runner M
d) Runner N

Partway through a horse race, Midnight is ahead of Silver. Which of these statements must be true?
a) Midnight is running faster at that moment
b) Silver is catching up with Midnight
c) Midnight has had a higher average speed
d) Midnight will win the race

You are riding in a car that has a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. You look out the window and see another car driving on the road that appears to be standing still. How would you explain this?
a) The other car is moving more slowly in the opposite direction
b) Your car's driver has slowed down in preparation to stop
c) The other car is moving twice as fast as your car
d) The speed and direction of the other car are the same as yours

A toy train is going around a circular track. What can you conclude about the forces acting on the train?
a) They are balanced
b) They are unbalanced
c) They are at zero
d) They are at rest

Which would you expect to have the greatest amount of friction?
a) a smooth surface on a smooth surface
b) a smooth surface on a rough surface
c) a rough surface and air
d) a rough surface on a rough surface

When would a person most likely use a lubricant?
a) when freezing ice cubes
b) when using an electric drill
c) when washing steps on a porch
d) when preparing a rink for use by skaters

Why are people advised to drive more slowly when it is raining?
a) The friction between tires and the road is decreased
b) Wet tires may make it difficult for cars to reach normal speeds
c) Cars might stop too quickly and without warning
d) The friction between tires ad the road is increased

A rectangular block rests on one of its long sides on the floor. Barry rotates the block so that it rests on one of its short sides. Compare the friction force between the block and the floor before and after Barry moved the block.
a) The friction force has increased
b) The friction force has decreased
c) The friction force is still the same
d) The friction force depends on the surface texture of the block

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