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The poet usually uses sensory descriptions to help the reader-
a) understand the poem better
b) imagine or visualize how the speaker experiences
c) realize the problem the character faces
d) express feelings and emotions

I thought that I would die! This helps the reader understand that the speaker is-
a) annoyed
b) careless
c) embarrassed
d) disappointed

Besides the use of repetition, the poet/author might emphasize words by-
a) all of these
b) words in dark bold print
c) sound words in all capitals
d) words in italics

For what reason would the poet use repetition-
a) to make it easier to rhyme
b) to emphasize, or point out something
c) to help you understand it better
d) to show the reader they can use comas

You can tell that a poem rhymes by looking at the-
a) first word of every line
b) last word of every line
c) the last word of every stanza
d) the first word of every stanza

When you read a poem, you should number the lines because-
a) they might ask you a question about a line that is not numbered
b) they require you to do so
c) poem lines should be numbered
d) to see if the lines are even or odd

This poem is a narrative because-
a) it rhymes
b) it has repetition
c) it tells a story
d) it is like a song

Throughout the poem, I Saw My Teacher on Saturday, the speaker feels-
a) uncomfortable
b) silly
c) angry
d) excited

The poet uses exclamation points to-
a) emphasize the speaker's surprise
b) express the speaker's joy
c) describe the speaker's thoughts
d) show the speaker's fear

The poet writes- so many rows of jars and cansso little room to hide- to express that the speaker -
a) wants to avoid his teacher
b) wants to attract his teacher
c) wants to get his teacher to play Hide and Seek with him
d) wants to look for some hidden jars

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