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Is nature or nurture more significant in brain development?
a) nature
c) both
d) nurture

What is Differentiation?
a) the movement of neurons from the neural tube
b) the process by which one hemisphere comes to dominate the other in terms of a particular function
c) the production of new nerve cells
d) the process of enlarging synapses with other neurons

What basic functions do the brainstem and midbrain control at birth?
a) basic reflexes
c) talking
d) walking

What are basic brain cells called?
a) both 2 and 3
c) neurons
d) ions

When is the brain most plastic?
a) when the child is an infant
c) when the child starts hitting their teen years
d) when the child is in the womb

What is proliferation?
a) the process of enlarging synapses with other neurons
b) both 2 and 3
c) quantatice measures that provide typical values and variations in height and weight in children
d) the production of new nerve cells

What happens over time if brain connections are not used?
a) you use all your connections
b) you lose the connections
c) you still have them, but they are hard to remember
d) you lose them completely

Do neurons die?
a) no, only sperm cells die
b) no, no cells are ever replaced
c) yes, all cells die
d) yes, and they are replaced

How heavy is a new borns brain?
a) less than 1 pound
b) 6 pounds
c) 4 pounds
d) 2-3 pounds

At how many weeks do a newborns cells start getting formed?
a) 4 weeks
b) when they are in the womb
c) 2 months
d) 2 weeks

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