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Which slogan represents the three main reasons men wanted to explore the world?
a) Family, friends, and fun
b) God, gold, and glory
c) Money, minerals, and mischief
d) Salvation, service, and security

Why did the French and English settle in North America?
a) The French English were accidentally blown off course and ended up in North America
b) The French and English did not have the military to defeat Spanish colonies in South America
c) The French and English suspected that there were more valuable natural resources in North America
d) The French and English were looking for an all ¬water route across North America

Exploration was sparked by a desire to find trade routes to which countries?
a) America and Brazil
b) China and South Africa
c) India and China
d) India and America

What is the primary reason European nations supported explorers who sailed west in hopes of finding a quick route to Asia?
a) to make money through trade with that part of the world
b) to find and colonize new territories
c) to find a source of slave labor
d) to aid missionaries in spreading Christianity

What was the main motivation of European nations that funded exploration of the world?
a) to build wealth through increased trade
b) to spread Christianity to the New World
c) to escape religious persecution in Europe
d) to develop new independent nations

What was the goal of early European explorers in the Age of Discovery?
a) to defend Europe against Middle Eastern aggression
b) to establish European colonies in Africa
c) to establish all¬ water trade routes to Asia
d) to spread Christianity in North America

Which European country was the first to explore the possibility of an all ¬water trade route to Asia?
a) England
b) France
c) Germany
d) Portugal

What was a result of Europe's search for an all¬ water trade route to Asia?
a) the spread of Judaism
b) the development of the Scientific Method
c) the discovery of gunpowder
d) the discovery of the New World

In what general direction did most European nations travel during the Age of Discovery?
a) south around the tip of Africa
b) west across the Atlantic Ocean
c) north across the Arctic Ocean
d) east across the Mediterranean Sea

What route of exploration was taken by Portuguese explorers during the Age of Discovery?
a) north across the Arctic Ocean
b) east across the Mediterranean Sea
c) south around the tip of Africa
d) west across the Atlantic Ocean

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