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You can infer that Hershey would be honored to know-
a) His town didn't forget him and was named after him
b) kids are required to go to school every day
c) the Hershey bears lost their game
d) animals are not allowed in the amusement park

In the article in Week 18 Hershey valued education because-
a) he wanted kids to have nice place to go
b) he wanted children of his own
c) he didn't get to have much education himself
d) he thought they should play more than learn

The reader can conclude from the article that Hershey's mom-
a) died right after he was born
b) believed in hard work and not giving up
c) believed in chocolate making
d) would agree that Hershey should have started with chocolate

The reader can conclude from watching the videos about Hershey that -
a) factories improved and increased the production
b) factories were hard to manage
c) people are required to work in the factory
d) the factories attract people

What can you conclude about the town of Hershey, PA?
a) Not many people live there
b) It attracts many visitors and tourists who spend money there
c) It needs to add a college named Hershey State University
d) The Hershey Bears are hibernating

What is the best theme for the article?
a) If you don't succeed at first, try again.
b) Success isn't all it's cracked up to be.
c) Great things come in small packages.
d) People are often unwilling to try caramel candies

Which detail supports the idea that Hershey thought education was important?
a) He built a factory
b) He created an amusement park
c) He has a school named after him
d) He has a hockey team named after him

When Milton Hershey's caramel candy company failed, he most likely felt-
a) pleased
b) confused
c) upset
d) curious

When Hershey was able to produce his products in the factory making chocolate cheaper, the people most likely felt-
a) bothered
b) thankful
c) disappointed
d) careless

According to the videos and discussion, you can conclude that Milton Hershey was-
a) a good citizen and cared about his community
b) a helpful and generous person
c) a very successful businessman
d) all of these

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