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Final Review For Ecology Test 2016.[print questions]

Things you can do to help decrease global warming include:
a) Keep your air conditioner on high.
b) Turn off your lights when you’re not using them.
c) Keep your freezer door open.
d) Eat more ice cream.

Which of the following is directly responsible for acid rain?
a) steam vented from a nuclear power plant
b) sulfur dioxide (SO2) released from a coal-fired power plant
c) mining of coal for a coal-fired power plant
d) processing of uranium for a nuclear power plant

In the process of cell respiration:
a) Energy is lost as heat to the environment
b) Energy is lost as light to the environment
c) Energy is lost as chemical to the environment
d) Energy is lost as nuclear to the environment

The process of _____________________ captures light energy from the sun and converts it into _________________ stored in __________________________.
a) Cell respiration; heat energy; food
b) Photosynthesis; chemical energy; food
c) Photosynthesis; chemical energy; carbon dioxide
d) Cell respiration; chemical energy; carbon dioxide

The purpose of cell respiration:
a) Is to breakdown food to release energy in order to make the energy available for the organism to do work.
b) Is to make food from carbon dioxide, water, and light.
c) Is to provide oxygen.
d) Is to recycle energy.

What characteristic of carbon (C) makes it essential to living organisms?
a) Carbon forms crystal structures under certain conditions.
b) Carbon can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas.
c) Carbon bonds in many ways with itself to form chains.
d) Carbon exists in radioactive forms.

The process of photosynthesis is described as
a) carbon dioxide + oxygen → sugar + water.
b) carbon dioxide + sugar → oxygen + water.
c) carbon dioxide + water → sugar + oxygen.
d) sugar + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water.

Which of the following compounds is most likely to be part of living organisms?
a) CsI
b) MoCl2
c) BF3
d) C6 H 12O6

What happens to the total amount of matter in an ecosystem?
a) it increases
b) it decreases
c) it remains constant

Earth receives a constant supply of which of the following items?
a) light energy
b) water
c) carbon
d) nitrogen

What organisms remove carbon dioxide gas from the air during photosynthesis?
a) consumers
b) producers
c) herbiovores
d) ominvores

Several species of warblers can live in the same spruce tree ONLY because they
a) have different habitats within the tree.
b) don’t eat food from the tree.
c) occupy different niches within the tree.
d) can find different temperatures within the tree.

What is the most common way that nitrogen fixation occurs?
a) lightning
b) nitrogen fixing bacteria
c) fossil fuel combustion
d) forest fires

Providing food, and shelter and preventing erosion are niches of
a) many plants
b) mammals
c) scavengers
d) secondary consumers

Where would organisms that are adapted to live in slightly salty water be found?
a) lake
b) open ocean
c) estuary
d) intertidal zone

Which of the following might be a limiting factor for a populations of rabbits?
a) food
b) water
c) potential mates
d) All of the choices are correct.

What two factors are most responsible for limiting life in a particular area?
a) Precipitation and temperature
b) Soil Conditions and temperature
c) Precipitation and sunlight
d) Soil conditions and sunlight

Which two biomes are the most similar with regard to rainfall?
a) tundra and taiga
b) tundra and desert
c) rain forest and savanna
d) temperate forest and desert

A certain plant requires moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, light, and minerals in order to survive. This statement shows that a living organism depends on
a) biotic factors
b) abiotic factors
c) symbiotic relationships
d) carnivore-herbivore relationships

This biome occurs in the interiors of continents, hot in summer and cool in winter, moderate to low precipitation, mostly grasses and small shrubs, and can have large mammals or a variety of smaller ones.
a) tunra
b) taiga
c) deciduous forest
d) grassland

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