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Helped increase communication worldwide. The internet played the largest role. Television played the biggest role in the 1950s’-60s with the consumer economy along with showing current events such as the Vietnam War.
a) Technology Movement
b) 20th Century Issues
c) Women's Movement
d) War on Terror

Acid Rain (caused by pollution from coal) Ozone Layer (damaging the environment/causing skin cancer)
a) 20th Century Issues
b) War on Terror
c) Technology Movement
d) Women's Movement

Women are still having issues gaining rights in the Middle East. Women had led the government in India, The Philippines, Nicaragua Great Britain. Women have faced discrimination at work in the past.
a) Women's Movement
b) Technology Movement
c) War on Terror
d) 20th Century Issues

The largest terrorist attacks on the U.S., Al-Qaeda was responsible. They were supported by the government of Afghanistan known as the Taliban which was defeated in in late 2001. This conflict changed many American’s view of religion. War on Terror
a) 9-11 Attacks
b) Afghanistan
c) Persian Gulf War
d) Iraq War

Started because of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. It brought in the U.S. the United Nations into a war in 1991.
a) Persian Gulf War
b) Iraq War
c) Afganistan
d) 9-11 Attacks

The conflict between Israel and the Arab countries in the Middle East was mainly due to ________.
a) Religion
b) Oil
c) Economy
d) Communism

Dealt with Segregation from the late 1940s - 1990s between the majority blacks the minority whites.
a) South Africa
b) Ghana
c) Kenya
d) India

Mostly occurred in the 1960s. First country to gain independence was Ghana. Kenya soon followed after the movement by Jomo Kenyatta.
a) African Independence
b) Indian Independence
c) Austrailian Independence
d) None of the above

The movement started with the Sepoy Rebellion in the 1800s. Gandhi led the movement(Boycotts - Salt March, Non-Violent). The country gained independence in 1947 from Great Britain. It was split into India (Hindu) Pakistan (Islam) due to religion
a) Indian Independence
b) African Independence
c) Australian Independence
d) None of the above

Alliance of 27 countries in Europe which made trading between its members easier. All countries in the EU use the Euro as its form of money.
a) European Union
d) Warsaw Pact

Broke up in the 1990s due many different ethnic groups.
a) Yugoslavia
b) Soviet Union
c) Czechoslovakia
d) Great Britain

The communist superpower broke up in 1991 due to a bad economy warfare.
a) Soviet Union
b) Czechoslovakia
c) Yugoslavia
d) Great Britain

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