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lens that is thicker at edges than in the middle and is called a diverging lens.
a) transparent
b) concave lens
c) convex lens
d) translucent

An example of a convex lens would be a _________________.
a) mirror glass
b) car's rearview mirror glass
c) window glass
d) magnifying glass

a mirror or lens that curves outward is _____________________and is thicker in center than at edges a (also called a converging lens).
a) translucent
b) concave
c) convex
d) transparent

A transparent object with one curved side that causes light to bend.
a) mirror
b) a window
c) lens
d) both a and b

Identify which of the following does not spread out light, but instead compacts light waves together:
a) flashlight
b) microscope
c) laser beam
d) telescope

Identify which object's light energy spreads out as it travels.
a) flashlight
b) telescope
c) microscope
d) laser beam

Identify which of the following has a single convex lens and therefore light converges:
a) Keck telescope
b) telescope
c) microscope
d) camera

uses concave mirrors to gather light from distant objects
a) reflecting telescope
b) refracting telescope
c) the Keck telescope
d) both reflecting and Keck telescope

uses two convex lenses to form an image of a far object (light converges)
a) reflecting telescope
b) microscope
c) refracting telescope
d) Keck telescope

uses combination of mirrors and lenses to magnify tiny objects
a) reflecting telescope
b) refracting telescope
c) telescope
d) microscope

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