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This period covers the first 4 billion year's of Earth's history
a) Jurassic
b) Mesozoic
c) Precambrian
d) Cambrian

The gradual change in a species over time
a) evolution
b) natural selection
c) extinction
d) adaptation

A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce
a) half-life
b) gradualism
c) variation
d) adaptation

Body parts that are structurally similar in related species and provide evidence of a common ancestor
a) homologous structure
b) relative dating
c) overproduction
d) branching tree

A copy of the shape of the organism that made the mold
a) fossil
b) mold
c) cast
d) sediment

The time it takes for half of the atoms in a radioactive element to decay
a) evolution
b) half-life
c) adaptation
d) natural selection

Diagram that shows how scientists think different groups of organisms are related
a) mold
b) branching tree
c) species chart
d) fossil record

Process where individuals that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce than other members of the same species
a) natural selection
b) overproduction
c) evolution
d) competition

The Jurassic period was...
a) 144-66 million years ago
b) 208-144 million years ago
c) 408-360 million years ago
d) 245-208 million years ago

A conifer is an example found in what time?
a) Cenozoic
b) Permian
c) Devonian
d) Cambrian

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