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The term “Runagate” likely comes from the word renegade, which means
a) actor.
b) deserter.
c) follower.
d) slave.

The lack of punctuation in lines 1–20 suggests the Runagate’s
a) African heritage.
b) lack of formal education.
c) need to keep moving.
d) way of speaking.

In the phrase “darkness thicketed with shapes of terror” (line 2), the poet most likely chose the word thicketed to suggest
a) an area filled with trees.
b) a deep valley.
c) a densely populated area.
d) a dense fog.

Which line suggests a slave saying good-bye before running away?
a) “Runs falls rises stumbles on from darkness into darkness” (line 1)
b) “Some go weeping and some rejoicing” (line 15)
c) “Rise and go or fare you well” (line 18)
d) “They’ll dart underground when you try to catch them” (line 27)

The speaker who says “my Pompey” (line 21) and “my Anna” (line 23) is a
a) family member.
b) fugitive slave.
c) newspaper editor.
d) slave owner.

The sentence “They’ll . . . turn into scorpions when you try to catch them” (lines 27–29) means that fugitive slaves
a) can turn into poisonous spiders.
b) will attack their pursuers.
c) become large and deadly.
d) will take poison if caught.

Describing Harriet Tubman as “woman of the earth, whipscarred” (line 39) conveys that she is a
a) former slave.
b) young woman.
c) plantation mistress.
d) white abolitionist.

The phrase “bladed air” (line 46) most likely means that the
a) air is filled with the sound of clashing swords.
b) cold sharp wind feels like knives on the skin.
c) fugitives are running through an area with windmills.
d) people chasing the fugitives are armed with knives.

Harriet Tubman is “In league with Garrison Alcott Emerson / Garrett Douglass Thoreau John Brown” (lines 55–56) because they are all
a) abolitionists.
b) fugitives.
c) ministers.
d) writers.

The phrases “movering movering, / over trestles of dew, through caves of the wish” (lines 67–68) suggest that the Underground Railroad runs on
a) money stolen from slave owners.
b) old unused railroad tracks.
c) the hopes of fugitive slaves.
d) tracks across difficult terrain.

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