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According to Madhlangoben and Gordon (2012), What are the three levels of culturally responsive leadership?
a) professional, personal, and curricular
b) professional, environmental, and linguistic
c) personal, environmental, and curricular
d) personal, linguistic, and traditional

According to Madhlangoben and Gordon (2012), which answer best represents two of the six components of cultural responsive leadership?
a) modeling cultural responsiveness, and holding to a standard of academic excellence.
b) modeling cultural responsiveness, and fostering cultural responsiveness among others.
c) verbal demonstration of commitment to cultural difference, and modeling cultural responsiveness.
d) None of the above

What are some of the socio-cultural factors that could shape our English language learners' educational experience?
a) Socioeconomic status; previous level and style of schooling, and parents' attitude toward education
b) Eating habits, clothing styles, and religious practices
c) Physical health, clothing styles, and religious practices
d) None of the above

What are some cognitive affective factors that English language learners face?
a) Anxiety, motivation, attitude about new language and culture, empathy, risk-taking, and inhibition
b) Only fear
c) Lack of ability
d) None of the above

What are some strategies that teachers, administrators, and counselors can use to help English language learners adjust to the American educational system?
a) Learn about students’ backgrounds.
b) Learn about students’ cultural traditions, beliefs, and expectations.
c) When possible, incorporate multicultural materials and examples into your instruction.
d) All of the above

Which of the following exemplifies the culturally responsive teaching practice of demonstrating a high level of tolerance of ambiguity ?
a) The ability to promote English as the language that determines academic success.
b) The ability to believe that their heritage culture is the only one that makes sense.
c) The ability to evaluate world cultures according to their personal frame of reference.
d) None of the above

What is tolerance of ambiguity ?
a) The ability to accept that English language learners may have a slow response time.
b) The ability to have patience with newcomers.
c) The ability to accept linguistic or cultural concepts that are unfamiliar and may even contradict what one is used to.
d) None of the above

What is culture shock?
a) An extreme example of the emotional and psychological difficulties that accompany cultural adjustment.
b) Fear of the unknown.
c) The maintenance of ethnocentric practices.
d) None of the above

According to Goldstone (2006) what two teacher characteristics are directly linked to student achievement?
a) Awareness of personal learning preferences; direct involvement in cultural celebrations at school
b) Promotion of parent/family support; engagement in communication
c) Insight into students' cultural backgrounds; adaptation of pedagogic behaviors sensitive to those cultures
d) None of the above

What are some ways that you can emphasize with culturally and linguistically diverse learners?
a) Encourage English language learners to join in school activities.
b) Enlist English-speaking buddies to help English language learners fit in.
c) Provide opportunities for English language learners to extend learning beyond the classroom.
d) All of the above

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