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Which of the following is the religion of most people who live in India
a) Judaism
b) Hinduism
c) .Islam
d) Catholicism

Which South Asian island nation is severely threatened by global warming and rising sea levels?
a) Kolkatta
b) Maldives
c) Sri Lanka
d) Brunei

India's population is now
a) the same as that of the U.S
b) Near a million
c) Smaller than Pakistan’s
d) Over a billion

Bangladesh can accurately be described as a country that
a) has a diversified economy
b) contains rich mineral deposits in the delta region.
c) suffers from poverty, overpopulation, and flooding.
d) includes large areas of light population

Why did East and West Pakistan split into two different countries?
a) East Pakistanis were angered that political and economic power was concentrated in West Pakistan
b) East Pakistan became so powerful that it no longer wanted to be linked to the other part of the country
c) Bengali speakers in East Pakistan were not allowed to speak their own language
d) Bengali speakers in East Pakistan were not allowed to speak their own language.

According to Hindu beliefs, which of the following rivers brings life to its people
a) Feni
b) Ganges
c) Brahmaputra
d) Indus

Which of these names a type of government in which a ruler's powers are limited by a constitution?
a) democracy
b) theocracy
c) dictatorship
d) constitutional monarchy

Which term best describes hiring someone outside a company to do work that was once done by the company's own workers?
a) division of labor
b) smart growth
c) outsourcing
d) recycling

The Himalayas were created by
a) the collision of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates
b) centuries of volcanic activity in the Pacific region
c) monsoon winds and ocean currents.
d) the powerful flow of the major rivers in China

Muslim peoples from the Middle East crossed into India, where they spread the Islamic religion. How was their migration route most affected by physical geography?
a) They avoided streams and rivers along their migration route.
b) They were unable to migrate because of unfavorable weather conditions
c) They migrated along the route that took them through dense forests
d) They migrated through the Khyber Pass to avoid going over high mountains

Which statement about Asia’s monsoons is most accurate
a) They form a plateau covering most of the Indian peninsula
b) They are mountains separating India from the rest of Asia
c) They form a large land mass smaller than a continent
d) They are winds that bring heavy rains to South Asia

In southwestern India, the climate is warm and dry most of the year. From June to September, the climate changes when winds crossing the Indian Ocean bring heavy monsoon rains. In contrast, Southern China is warm but receives rain throughout the
a) Indian farmers grow rice, but Chinese farmers are only able to grow wheat.
b) Both Indian and Chinese farmers grow rice in the summer, but China also has a second growing season in the winter
c) India has two growing seasons, while China only has one
d) Indian farmers grow wet rice, but Chinese farmers cannot

The establishment of a democracy in India and the establishment of Portuguese as the official language of Brazil indicates that European colonizers
a) Influence the cultures of the regions under their control
b) Favored local traditions over their own policies.
c) Respected the governments of the native people
d) Promoted the Christian religion over native religions

Which of these names a system of social classes
a) land reform
b) Ramadan
c) caste system
d) mandalas

In some parts of India today, the caste system is still followed; in the social hierarchy of colonial Latin America, the status of a person was determined by birth. What do these two examples demonstrate
a) B. In a multicultural society, all groups may face intolerance
b) Diversity is welcomed in most multicultural societies
c) D. Minority groups face similar experiences in all multicultural societies
d) C. Traditional practices in many societies reinforce social differences

Hindu scholars contributed to mathematics by developing the decimal system and the concept of zero. Arab mathematicians transmitted these ideas to Western Europe. Which conclusion is best drawn from these facts
a) Hindus and Arabs developed the first civilizations
b) The study of mathematics first began in Europe
c) Europeans had no ideas to share with Hindus and Arabs.
d) New ideas are often spread through contacts between cultures

In recent years, companies from more developed nations have often built new production facilities in less developed nations. This outsourcing has occurred because less developed nations frequently have
a) Greater political stability
b) A favorable climate
c) Capital resources
d) A supply of inexpensive labor

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