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Where did Darwin's ship, The Beagle, travel to in 1835?
a) Fiji
b) Peru
c) Galapagos Islands
d) Hawaii

A hollow space in sediment in the shape of an organism
a) mold
b) cast
c) extinction
d) species

The preserved remains or traces of an organism that lived in the past
a) radioactive element
b) species
c) fossil
d) gradualism

The millions of fossils that scientist have collected
a) fossil record
b) natural selection
c) petrified fossil
d) punctuated equilibria

The theory that species evolve during short periods of rapid change
a) extinction
b) branching tree
c) variation
d) punctuated equilibria

The calendar of Earth's History
a) Precambrian
b) Mesozoic
c) Geologic Time Scale
d) scientific theory

Any difference between individuals of the same species
a) natural selection
b) variation
c) gradualism
d) half-life

Well-tested concept that explains a wide range of observations
a) adaptation
b) relative dating
c) radioactive dating
d) scientific theory

The theory that evolution occurs slowly, but steadily
a) extinction
b) relative dating
c) gradualism
d) homological structure

Which technique helps determine the actual age of fossils?
a) relative dating
b) radioactive dating
c) branching tree
d) variation

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