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To rename a table or other database object, first
a) Save it
b) Close it
c) Edit it
d) Open it

If you delete a database table,
a) You cannot undo the action
b) Click the undo button
c) The table is still in the navigation pane
d) data is stored in the clipboard

A complete list of field properties are available in:
a) navigation pane
b) datasheet view
c) design view
d) tables

Which of the following is NOT a field property?
a) Allow zero-length
b) caption
c) input mask
d) default zero length

Which field property requires users to enter data in a specific format?
a) validation text
b) caption
c) default value
d) input mask

The Default Value property value can be used for which field?
a) short text
b) number
c) currency
d) all of the above

Which of the following is NOT a way to validate data?
a) field properties
b) field size
c) data type
d) filtering

Which type of field allows you to select more than one choice from a list?
a) lookup
b) validation
c) attachment
d) multi-valued

To delete a field in Datasheet View, select the column, right click, and then click Delete Field from the
a) quick access toolbar
b) lookup wizard
c) mini-toolbar
d) shortcut menu

The Caption field property is used for which field type?
a) short text
b) number
c) date/time
d) all of the above

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