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Mount Everest is located in what Mt. chain
a) The Rockies
b) The Atlas Mts.
c) The Himalayas
d) The Appalachian Mts.

The Mount is over........... High
a) 2,000 Ft.
b) 20,000 Miles
c) 29,000 Ft.
d) 1 mile

Mount Everest grows.......... every year
a) 2 meters
b) 2 inches
c) 3 feet
d) 10 inches

The first man to reach the top of the mountain is
a) Edmund Hillary
b) Edmund Norgay
c) Tanzing Hillary
d) Sam Everest

Another name for the top of a mountain
a) Summitt
b) Nepal
c) Sherpa
d) Norgay

A name for a mountain guide is
a) Kilimanjaro
b) Tenzig
c) summitt
d) sherpa

Animal that is found on the Mountain
a) cheetah
b) lion
c) snow leopard
d) Yeti

The guide who reached the top for the first time
a) Tenzing Norgay
b) Edmund Hillary
c) Charles Everest
d) George Mallory

Mount Everest is located in
a) Japan
b) India
c) China
d) Nepal

The year Mount Everest was first conquered
a) 2003
b) 1853
c) 1953
d) 1973

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