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Social Studies.[print questions]

Control rests with a small group in this government.
a) oligarchy
b) democracy
c) republic
d) autocracy

Which country has a dictator?
a) South Africa
b) Sudan
c) Egypt
d) Kenya

The major religions in the world; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; have who in common?
a) Moses
b) Buddha
c) Jesus
d) Abraham

Most African languages can be traced to:
a) Bantu ethnic group
b) Muslim ethnic group
c) Swahili ethnic group
d) Kente ethnic group

The two main religious groups in Africa are:
a) Catholic and Methodist
b) HIndu and Buddhist
c) Muslim and Christian
d) Muslim and HIndu

A high literacy rate generally leads to:
a) high crime rate
b) standard of living
c) high agricultural production
d) both A and B

What type of government is a loose alliance?
a) federal
b) confederation
c) unitary
d) parliamentary

What is desertifcation?
a) too much sunlight
b) toxins in irrigation
c) growing wrong type of crops
d) slash and burn agriculture

Which river is the principal river in western Africa?
a) Congo
b) Mekong
c) Nile
d) Niger

What is the result of deforestation?
a) A rain washes soil away
b) nutrients in soil wash away
c) sun continually bakes exposed soil
d) all of the above

Which African river near the equator is located in the tropical rainforest?
a) Nile
b) Congo
c) Niger
d) Mekong

One leader hold complete power in this government.
a) deomocracy
b) oligarchy
c) republic
d) autocracy

What is the largest lake in Africa?
a) Lake Tanganyika
b) Lake Orange
c) Lake Victoria
d) Lake Mead

What mountain range is located in Northern Africa?
a) Andes
b) Atlas
c) Himalayan
d) Pyrenees

Located in Africa, what is the world's longest river?
a) Niger
b) Rhine
c) Congo
d) Nile

Located in Africa, what is the longest lake in the world?
a) Lake Tanganyika
b) Lake Okeechobee
c) Lake Mead
d) Lake Victoria

What desert is located in southern Africa?
a) Kalahari
b) Sahara
c) Sahel
d) Lake Victoria

What African landform has rolling grassland and scattered trees?
a) Sahel
b) Kalahari
c) Isthmus
d) Savanna

What is Africa's transition zone between desert and rainforest?
a) Sahel
b) Sahara
c) Savanna
d) Kalahari

What desert covers the most of northern Africa?
a) Sahel
b) Sahara
c) Savanna
d) Kalahari

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