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To tantalize others is:
a) to tempt
b) to be fair
c) to be foolish
d) to be free

A feeling of apathy is:
a) easiness
b) an indifference
c) to show anger
d) to show anxiety

to give sage advice is to:
a) to be warlike
b) foolish
c) wise
d) important

a hidden cascade is:
a) a waterfall
b) a stream
c) a cave
d) a river

to enjoy a repast is:
a) to have a good trip
b) to have a good memory
c) to have a good friend
d) to eat a good meal

an induction of members is:
a) lack of members
b) to make an application
c) to have an installation
d) to have support of your members

a ravenous person is
a) very angry
b) very hungry
c) very sleepy
d) very silly

the inverse order is:
a) reverse
b) difficult
c) revised
d) previous

a pungent taste is:
a) faint
b) nauseating
c) sharp
d) pleasant

a jaunt through the woods is:
a) obstacle race
b) over-night hike
c) wandering pathway
d) short pleasant walk

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