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Black fur in mice (B) is dominant to brown fur (b). What is the probability that an offspring will have the same phenotype as its parents in a cross between a homozygous black and a heterozygous black mouse?
a) 0%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 100%

Which part of Darwin's theory of evolution may be used to describe the results of when lions prey on antelope?
a) natural selection
b) surival of the fittest
c) adaptation to environment
d) variation in species

Which scenario represents the role of a vector in the transmission of a disease?
a) A mother passes a mutated gene to her offspring.
b) A person handles contaminated tissues and later gets a cold.
c) A healthy mother passes protective antibodies to her unborn child.
d) An infected raccoon bites an uninfected dog who contracts rabies.

Thomas has a condition where his body does not produce myelin. Myelin forms an insulating layer around cells and allows stimuli to be transmitted between cells and throughout the body. Which cell type would be affected by Thomas' condition?
a) blood
b) bone
c) muscle
d) nerve

Which example is an appropriate adaptation for flight in birds?
a) accurate vision and acute hearing
b) feathers, wings, and hollow bones
c) high protein diet consisting primarily of insects
d) rapid response to stimuli such as predators

A research group is designing a new strain of yeast that can quickly ferment sugar to produce bio fuels. What will be a benefit of this research program?
a) It will provide an easy way of generating fuel in households.
b) It will reduce people's dependence on renewable fuel sources.
c) It will increase the use of yeast in producing all types of energy fuels.
d) It will provide an inexpensive and renewable source to generate fuel.

What is the most likely consequence of increased cellular respiration?
a) more energy available to the cell
b) increased oxygen released by the cell
c) cell death
d) decreased diffusion

Which statement about energy is true?
a) Energy can always be recycled.
b) Energy only flows in one direction through an ecosystem.
c) Energy transfer between trophic levels is efficient.
d) Once an energy source is gone it cannot be renewed.

An article was recently published in a scientific journal regarding cellular respiration. Which accurate statement might be included in the article?
a) Respiration captures energy from sunlight to fuel the cell.
b) All organisms carry out the respiration process.
c) The chloroplast is the organelle in which the respiration process takes place.
d) Respiration is an energy-releasing process used only by animals.

Which argument supports the use of genetically engineered vaccines over traditional vaccines?
a) Genetically engineered vaccines are more effective against unidentified pathogens.
b) Genetically engineered vaccines may be safer because they do not use live viruses.
c) Genetically engineered vaccines provide immunity for a short period of time which requires multiple doses.
d) Genetically engineered vaccines cost more due to the research and development required.

Which statement explains why, over time, certain antibiotics have become ineffective against certain strains of bacteria?
a) The chemical and physical structure of the bacteria is the same as the structure of the antibiotics.
b) The human body has become resistant to the antibiotics, so a new formula must be developed.
c) Some bacteria have developed a resistance to certain antibiotics, which may be passed to future generations.
d) Certain strains of bacteria were used in developing the antibiotics, and therefore they are immune to its effects.

Which statement reflects the greatest concern for the growth of genetically modified crops?
a) The cost of agriculture production will increase.
b) High yield crop varieties will reduce the use of fertilizers.
c) Insect resistant crop varieties might reduce the insect population.
d) Genes for herbicide resistance might be transferred to weeds.

Which statement about cells is correct?
a) All cells come from other cells.
b) Cells are made up of other cells.
c) All cells have a nucleus and cytoplasm.
d) Cells of all living things are identical.

Which cell function would be affected if a cell's vacuoles were destroyed?
a) diffusion
b) direction of cellular activities
c) respiration
d) storage of wastes and small molecules

What relationship exists between a virus and a cell?
a) A cell needs a virus to obtain energy.
b) A cell cannot exist without a virus.
c) A virus is bigger than a cell.
d) A virus needs a host cell to function.

Which statement describes the niche of an organism in an ecosystem?
a) A pelican is able to fly long distances without stopping.
b) A snake feeds on small rodents in a forest.
c) A moth is nocturnal and is attracted to light.
d) A frog spends part of its life in water and part on land.

Which statement describes an adaptation for a desert environment?
a) Mammals have thick layers of fat for insulation and light-colored fur for camouflage.
b) Plants have air spaces in roots and specialized stems for buoyancy.
c) Small mammals are nocturnal to escape the sun's most intense heat.
d) Trees lose their leaves to conserve energy and prevent damage to the tree.

Which statement about DNA is true?
a) Different people can have the same copy of DNA in their cells.
b) DNA is made up of genes that carry hereditary information.
c) DNA controls the genotype but not the phenotype of an organism.
d) DNA controls the genotype only in the second and third generations.

What relationship exists between genes and chromosomes?
a) Genes are located on chromosomes which are found in the nucleus of cells.
b) Genes produce chromosomes which transmit traits from one generation to another.
c) Genes are made up of chromosomes which move from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.
d) Genes and chromosomes produce alleles which determine the phenotype of offspring.

Which statement best explains why viruses are considered parasites?
a) They are unable to be destroyed by antibiotics.
b) They are specific and can only infect one type of cell.
c) They are nonliving and microscopic.
d) They harm the cells they enter.

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