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Modern frog larvae resemble some primitive vertebrate larvae. This similarity may suggest that primitive vertibrates
a) evolved before frogs
b) belong to the same species as frog
c) share a common ancestor with frogs
d) evolved from frogs

Upon close examination of the skeleton of an adult python, a pelvic girdle and leg bones can be observed. These features are an example of ______.
a) artifical selection
b) vestigial structures
c) homologous structures
d) comparative embryology

What is the movement of genes into and out of a gene pool called?
a) random mating
b) nonrandom mating
c) direct evolution
d) migration

Mutations occur because of ______.
a) change in allele or genotype frequencies
b) the introduction of new variations through mistakes in DNA replication
c) the chance survival and reproduction of new variations
d) the introduction of new variations from elsewhere

Which of the following describes why organisms with good traits or characteristics survive to reproduce?
a) Survival of the fittest
b) Acquired traits
c) Punctuated equilibrium
d) None of the above

Evolution says which of the following?
a) Organisms have not changed.
b) Organisms have changed over time
c) Organisms do not share a common ancestor.
d) None of the above

The opossum, which is native to North America, and the kangaroo, which is native to Australia are marsupials. The fact that both these mammals incubate their immature offspring in a pouch provides evidence that they –
a) belong to the same species
b) must range great distances to eat
c) have very similar skeletal structures
d) are descended from a common ancestor

Which condition is essential for natural selection to result in a new species?
a) unlimited resources
b) an inherited variation
c) a static environment
d) a long life span

Genetic variation can aid in the survival of species when the environment changes. Which of the following is the best example of an organism with a genetic variation that could improve survival chances over time?
a) An ant that is resistant to pesticide
b) A wasp that is infected with parasites
c) A cactus that has no spines
d) A mouse that has learned to avoid mousetraps

Genome maps provide the DNA sequences of chromosomes. Some scientists have compared the genome maps of a hedgehog and a sloth. What do these genome maps allow the scientists to determine?
a) The color patterns of the offspring of each species.
b) How much the size ranges of the two species differs.
c) The methods of protein synthesis that each species uses.
d) How closely related the two species are to each other.

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