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A container found within a domain used to organize objects such as groups, users, and computers.
a) organizational unit
b) member server
c) global catalog
d) Domain Name System (DNS

A mechanism that defines the type of access that is granted to an object (an object can be identified with a security identifier) or object attribute.
a) permission
b) security group
c) trusts relationship
d) functional level

A mechanism that authorizes a user to perform certain actions on a computer, such as logging on to a system interactively or backing up files and directories on a system.
a) right
b) site
c) tree
d) user account

A group used to assign rights and permissions and gain access to network resources.
a) security group
b) global group
c) domain local group
d) distribution group

One or more IP subnets that are connected by a high-speed link, typically defined by a geographical location.
a) site
b) tree
c) object
d) forest

One or more domains in Active Directory with contiguous name space.
a) tree
b) forest
c) object
d) site

A link that allows users in one domain to access resources in another domain.
a) trusts relationship
b) user account
c) Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
d) NetBIOS

A group scope is designed to contain global groups from multiple domains.
a) universal group
b) user account
c) NetBIOS
d) permission

An identity found in an Active Directory identity used to represent a user.
a) user account
b) member server
c) group policy
d) functional level

A legacy naming service that translates from NetBIOS (computername) to specify a network resource.
a) Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
b) universal group
c) fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
d) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

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