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Which of the following is the correct order for the phases of the cell cycle?
a) telophase, interphase, metaphase, prophase, anaphase, cytokinesis
b) interphase, metaphase, prophase, anaphase, cytokinesis, telophase
c) interphase, prophase, metaphase, telephase, anaphase, cytokinesis
d) interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis

During _________________ of the cell cycle, the parent cell makes a copy of the DNA to ensure that both new cells have all the genetic information they need.
a) anaphase
b) prophase
c) interphase
d) cytokinesis

The cells of both unicellular and multicellular organisms carry out life processes. What advantage do multicellular organisms have over a unicellular organism?
a) their cells reproduce more quickly
b) only a few of their cells have to do work
c) their cells can specialize in one job and divide the work
d) all their cells have to do every job

A plant’s roots continue to grow longer in search of nutrients and water. This growth is a result of:
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) respiration
d) transport

The nuclear membrane begins to dissolve and the DNA begins to coil into chromosomes during ___________________.
a) metaphase
b) telophase
c) interphase
d) prophase

In mitosis, if the parent cell has 46 chromosomes, then each daughter cell will have _______ chromosomes.
a) 46
b) 92
c) 12
d) 23

The cell part that holds the copies of the chromosomes together is called the
a) chromosomes
b) spindle fibers
c) centrioles
d) centromere

If a parent cell has 46 chromosomes, after meiosis, each sex cell will have ___________ chromosomes.
a) 23
b) 46
c) 92
d) 12

A chemical used to treat cancer cells prevents the nuclear membrane from reforming during cell division. Which phase of the cell cycle would this chemical affect?
a) prophase
b) metaphase
c) telophase
d) interphase

If a certain type of bacteria can complete the cell cycle in 10 minutes, how long would it take for 1 bacterium to produce over 100 bacteria?
a) 30 minutes
b) 70 minutes
c) 500 minutes
d) 10 minutes

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