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At what temperature did the water outside of a school building with ice on the edge of its roof most likely begin to change water to ice?
a) 100 degrees celsius
b) 32 degrees celsius
c) 25 degrees celsius
d) 0 degrees celsius

Cracks in the seafloor called hydrotherman vents send streams of hot water into the ocean. The water from a vent 387 degrees celsius. How many degrees above the boiling point of water is the temperature?
a) 175 degrees celsius
b) 287 degrees celsius
c) 387 degrees celsius
d) 487 degrees celsius

Italian dressing, made of vinegar and oil is used for salad. Why would a person want to shake the salad dressing before using it?
a) Vinegar and oil have different densities.
b) Vinegar and oil easily form a solution.
c) Vinegar and oil both contain water.
d) Vinegar and oil are both liquids.

Which is the best conductor of electricty?
a) glass rod
b) cotton string
c) plastic tubing
d) copper penny

Some objects that blew into a swimming pool after a party need to be removed. The objects include foam cups, keys, coins. Which explains a useful method for removing some of the objects?
a) Keys and coins are less dense than water, so they can be easily picked up off the bottom of the pool by the divers.
b) The foam cups have the same density as water, so they can be crumpled up for removal by pool filters.
c) The foam cups are less dense than water, so they can be removed from the surface with a pool cleaning net.
d) The keys and coins have the same density as water, so they can be washed away when the pool is drained.

A teacher wears protective gloves to lift a metal pan with boiling water from a hot plate. Why are protective gloves necessary?
a) The metal pan creates thermal energy.
b) The metal pan insulates thermal energy.
c) The metal pan conducts thermal energy.
d) The metal pan reduces thermal energy.

Which material would be best to use to insulate electrical wires?
a) Wood
b) Plastic
c) Copper
d) Steel

Given the mass of substances: water 125g, toothpicks 5g, table salt 30g, sugar cubes 20g, alcohol 98g, cooking oil 75g, marbles 40g, plastic cubes 35g. What's the difference in grams between the total mass of liquids and the total mass of solids?
a) 158g
b) 186g
c) 168g
d) 178g

A student has a jar that contains: a penny, cotton ball, plastic ruler, eraser, metal paper clip, rubber band, iron nail, and key. Whcih property CANNOT be used to classify these objects into more than one group?
a) Magnetism
b) Mass
c) Electrical conductivity
d) Solubility in water

Which of the following containers most likely only holds gas?
a) The substance takes the shape of the container and is clear. Small particles float on top of the substance.
b) The substance is hard and cube-shaped. The surface of the substance is shiny.
c) The substance is not visible, and the container appears empty.
d) The substance is cold and made of crystals.

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