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how many seismic stations do you need to locate the epicenter of an earthquake
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

the rock basalt makes up the
a) continental crust
b) lithosphere
c) mantle
d) oceanic crust

Smaller grain size is what type of texture
a) fine
b) glassy
c) coarse
d) gas bubbles

the earth's crust is thickest under the
a) continents
b) islands
c) oceans
d) volcanoes

s waves cannot go through the outer core because it is
a) made of iron and nickel
b) the hottest layer
c) not solid
d) the thickest layer

Fast cooling rocks will have
a) medium size crystals
b) small crystals
c) large crystals
d) extra large crystals

The moho is located between
a) the crust and mantle
b) the outer core and inner core
c) the mantle and the outer core
d) the mantle and the inner core

On the richter scale a strong earthquake would be a
a) 1
b) 3
c) 7
d) 12

All of the following are characteristics of a sheild volcano except
a) dome shaped
b) quiet eruptions
c) layers of lava
d) particles of rock and ash

An igneous rock that partially cools underground and then erupts from a volcanoe will have a texture called
a) coarse grain
b) fine grain
c) glassy
d) porphyry

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