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Human blood cells __________.
a) are small and circular to carry oxygen throughout the body
b) have long branching arms to carry oxygen throughout the body
c) have a nucleus
d) expand and contract to make bones move

Muscle cells ___________. They are constantly working (using a lot of energy) so they need more ______________________ than other types of cells.
a) have long branching arms to help contract and extend to move bones, mitochondria
b) are small and circular because they need a lot of oxygen, nuclei
c) are long and skinny to help contract and extend to move bones, mitochondria
d) are long and skinny to send and receive messages quickly, ribosomes

What is osmosis?
a) A process by which any molecules move from low concentration to high concentration.
b) A state of equilibrium
c) A process that requires cells to use energy to transport molecules across the cell membrane.
d) A process by which water molecules move from high concentration to low concentration across a membran.

When perfume is sprayed in a room, the scent eventually spreads throughout the room. The process by which the scent spreads is called:
a) active transport
b) osmosis
c) equilibrium
d) diffusion

During photosynthesis, oxygen is produced as a waste product. These oxygen molecules are small enough to fit through the cell membrane, so as a result of ___________________, it moves from high concentration inside the cells to low concentratio
a) diffusion
b) osmosis
c) exocytosis
d) active transport

Which type of cell division produces sex cells?
a) Mitosis
b) Meoisis
c) Interphase
d) Cytokenesis

When a sea urchin egg is removed from the salty ocean water and placed into freshwater, the egg swells and bursts. Which process explains why this occurs?
a) osmosis
b) diffusion
c) endocytosis
d) active transport

Cabbage juice normally is purple, but turns green when in contact with vinegar. We fill a packet of dialysis tubing with vinegar and place it in a beaker of cabbage juice, after 10 minutes, the cabbage juice in the beaker turns green. Which of the
a) vinegar moved into the dialysis tubing.
b) vinegar diffused out of the bag into the beaker.
c) energy was added to the system to move the vinegar from low to high concentration.
d) dialysis tubing is not selectively permeable because the vinegar did not move.

Active transport always requires:
a) water
b) energy
c) osmosis
d) equilibrium

Selective permeability is:
a) a state in which molecules are evenly distributed in an area.
b) the movement of water molecules across a cell membrane.
c) a property that allows some materials to pass through while keeping others outside.
d) a measure of how crowded molecules are in a given area.

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