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Steve's class is visiting the zoo. He observes that the stripe patterns of two zebras are very different. Which most likely explains why the zebras have different stripe patterns?
a) the zebras eat different types of grass
b) the zebras are active at different times in the day
c) the zebras react to their habitat at the zoo in different ways
d) the zebras are expressing the trait for stripe pattern in different ways

April is a 5 grade girl. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. She also loves to read and play volleyball. Based on these characteristics, which can most likely be concluded about April's parents?
a) April's parents are athletic
b) April's parents own a lot of books
c) One of April's parents has short hair
d) One of April's parents has brown hair

John observes two frogs sitting on a log in the forest. Both frogs are green with black dots on their backs. Which most likely explains why the frogs have similar appearances?
a) the frogs eat the same food
b) the frogs live in the same habitat
c) the frogs are sitting on the same log
d) the frogs are members of the same population

Lucas and his sisters can roll their tongues and play piano. His mother and brother cannot roll their tongues nor play piano. What can most likely be concluded about Lucas's father?
a) his father can roll his tongue
b) his father can play the piano
c) his father can roll his tongue and play the piano
d) his father cannot roll his tongue nor play the piano

Edna is expecting a baby in 3 weeks. She thinks her baby will probably have brown hair. Which best explains why Edna thinks this?
a) Edna has brown hair
b) Edna loves brown hair
c) Edna's other child has brown hair
d) Edna knows all babies are born with brown hair

Rick's rabbit has 5 babies. 2 have short, black fur like their mom. The other 3 have long, brown fur. Which is the most likely description of the father's fur coat?
a) long, black coat
b) long, brown coat
c) short, black coat
d) short, brown coat

Why does an organism look different from its parents?
a) the organism inherits half of its characteristics from the male parent and half from the female parent
b) the organism inherits most of its characteristics from the female parent
c) the organism inherits most of its characteristics from the male parent
d) the organism develops its own set of characteristics after it is born

If a 6'5 tall father and a 5'11 tall mother have a child, which is most likely possibility for the height of the child?
a) 5'1
b) 5'6
c) 5'11
d) 6'11

What characteristic is inherited by only some members of its species?
a) gills on a fish
b) wings on a bird
c) spots on a horse
d) trunk on an elephant

How are similarities passed from parent to offspring?
a) through blood
b) through genes
c) through touch
d) through learning

Which is a learned characteristic?
a) dimples
b) eye color
c) hair color
d) reading music

Jane wants to become a model like her mother. Which is a learned characteristic that could help her with modeling?
a) height
b) curly hair
c) blue eyes
d) good posture

Which characteristic is learned?
a) height
b) freckles
c) hair color
d) athletic skill

Which is a characteristic a child will inherit from its parents?
a) favorite music
b) ability to read
c) natural hair color
d) ability to ride a bike

All cheetahs in a population resemble each other. Which is a characteristic that results from environmental influence and differs among members of the population?
a) weight
b) patterned fur
c) long, muscular legs
d) yellow-colored eyes

A young couple is having a baby. Which best describes an inherited trait the baby may have?
a) The baby will live in the same house as its parents
b) the baby will grow up to love pizza like its mother
c) the baby may have the same eye color as its father
d) the baby may grow to have a fear of heights like its parents

Which is an example of an inherited characteristic?
a) a person swimming
b) a bird with feathers
c) a dog obeying commands
d) a person speaking Spanish

Which is a learned characteristic expressed by a professional swimmer?
a) swimming speed
b) wide arm stroke
c) long body build
d) good eyesight

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