STAAR Review-Reading 6th Question Preview (ID: 30907)

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What is the climax of a story
a) The point of highest emotion; the turning point of a story
b) the end of a story
c) the expostiion
d) the conflict in a story

What is the good guy in a story called
a) prototype
b) antagonist
c) protagonist
d) antotype

Dialogue is
a) a story
b) a conversation between characters
c) conflict
d) dictionary definition

Alliteration is
b) a poem
c) Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
d) an act

why an author writes sometthing
a) they want to
b) their boss told them
c) their teacher told them
d) persuade, inform, entertain

Flashback is
a) an interupption in the story that tells you what happened earlier in the story
b) telling the future
c) conflict
d) the end

Hyperbole is
b) I was so hungry I ate a horse last night
c) She sells seashells
d) Peter Piper picked

what is a good summary
a) talking me into it
b) paraphrasing
c) a biased conclusion
d) main idea + supporting details

Plot is
a) a stanza
b) A sequence of evens in a story, play or poem
c) non-fiction
d) narrator

POV is
a) Prayer of victory
b) Stand-off
c) the standpoint or perspective from which a story is told
d) Position of variety

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