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The economy depended on weavers, potters, and __________.
a) metalworkers
b) teachers
c) boat builders
d) religious leaders

Indus Valley weavers would make clothing and fabric from ______.
a) silk
b) mud
c) cotton
d) polyester

The city was well ________ and built in blocks.
a) built
b) irrigation
c) planned
d) established

Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama started the ______ religion in this area.
a) Buddhism
b) Hinduism
c) Islam
d) Judaism

City governments were responsible for ________.
a) keeping streets free of crime
b) deciding new laws and sewer systems
c) farming
d) shipping, keeping religion important, and building many citadels

Which religion started in the Indus Valley?
a) Hinduism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Judaism

We know everything about their government.
a) false
b) true

We know that the Indus Valley worshiped gods that often took _____ or _____ forms.
a) animal or human
b) human or monster
c) water or fire
d) Michalak or Richissin

The Indus Valley would trade with _______
a) Mesopotamia, China, Egypt
b) the Mayans
c) Mesoamerica, Egypt, Harappa
d) North American Indians

Where is the Indus Valley?
a) India and Pakistan
b) Ohio
c) The Nile River
d) Australia and Peru

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