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A plant part that grows into a new plant is
a) leaf
b) stem
c) root
d) seed

A fully grown person or animal is an
a) adolescent
b) teenager
c) child
d) adult

This plant part makes fruit.
a) fruit
b) flower
c) seed
d) leaf

The stages of an animal or plant's life is a
a) stage cycle
b) cycle of stage
c) life cycle
d) stage of life

The young of some insects are called
a) larva
b) lava
c) young
d) babies

The stage that comes after the egg in some insects is
a) caterpillar
b) chrysalis
c) larva
d) adult

Which list has the life cycle of a butterfly in the correct order?
a) egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult
b) egg, chrysalis, caterpillar, adult
c) egg, adult, caterpillar, chrysalis
d) chrysalis, egg, caterpillar, adult

Which list shows the life cycle of a frog in order?
a) tadpole, froglet, eggs, adult
b) froglet, tadpole, adult, eggs
c) eggs, tadpole, froglet, adult
d) eggs, froglet, tadpole, adult

Which list shows the life cycle of a plant in the correct order?
a) seed, flower, sprout, die, repeat
b) seed, sprout, die, flower, repeat
c) seed, die, sprout, flower, repeat
d) seed, sprout, flower, die, repeat

What is one reason that a mushroom is a fungi?
a) It must have sunlight to live.
b) It must kill other plants or animals in order to eat.
c) It gets its food from the soil.
d) It does not need sunlight to live.

What is another reason that a mushroom is a fungi?
a) It grows only in cold, icy environments.
b) It eats dead plants and animals.
c) It needs at least eight hours of sunlight each day.
d) It grows only in a desert environment.

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