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Where does new oceanic crust form?
a) along a mid-ocean ridge
b) in an ocean trench
c) where Earth's plates push together
d) where Earth's plates slide past one another

What happens at an ocean trench?
a) two plates collide, building underwater mountains
b) An ocean plate moves below another plate
c) New oceanic crust is made
d) Two of Earth's plates move sideways past one another

What oceanic landform is most likely to be found in an area where two plates are moving away from one another?
a) continental rise
b) ocean basin
c) rift zone
d) ocean trench

How are plants most likely to affect the rate of soil erosion?
a) Their roots slow it down by holding soil in place
b) Their roots speed it up by keeping the soil moist
c) Their leaves slow it down by changing the direction of wind
d) Their leaves speed it up by increasing the force of raindrops

What is most likely to cause a river to deposit some of the sediment it is carrying?
a) The amount of water in the river increases
b) The speed of water in the river decreases
c) The river flows down a mountain
d) The river flows through a canyon

Which of these is an example of a destructive process?
a) the deposition of material in a river delta
b) the movement of material in a landslide
c) the building up of a sandbar
d) the formation of a volcanic island

Which of these is the most likely to cause chemical weathering?
a) temperature changes
b) plant roots
c) rainwater
d) wind

Which of these is the best example of how a volcanic eruption can be a constructive process?
a) A volcano erupts violently, destroying part of the top of the volcano
b) A volcano erupts large amounts of volcanic ash and gases
c) Magma rises through a weak spot in Earth's crust under volcano
d) Molten rock escapes from a volcano and hardens to form new land

What causes Earth's surface to shake during an earthquake?
a) the downhill movement of rocks and soil
b) a fault disappearing into Earth's crust
c) the release of energy along a fault
d) a tsunami crashing into a coastline

Which of these is least likely to be located at a boundary between Earth's plates?
a) rift valley
b) ocean trench
c) mid ocean ridge
d) continental slope

Which of these landforms is most likely to be in the shallowest part the ocean?
a) ocean basin
b) continental shelf
c) mid-ocean ridge
d) continental slope

How is a plain on a continent similar to an abyssal plain?
a) wind causes erosion on both
b) rivers can build deltas on both
c) ice can cause weathering on both
d) deposition of sediments occurs on both

How are a valley on a land and an ocean trench alike?
a) both can be more than 10,000 meters deep
b) both are formed by erosion
c) both are areas with a lower elevation than the surrounding area
d) both form as plates move away from one another

How is a volcanic island different from a volcanic mountain on a continent?
a) only a volcanic mountain can form at a mid-ocean ridge
b) only a volcanic island is built up from the ocean floor
c) only a volcanic mountain is formed as lava erupts and hardens
d) only a volcanic island can form at a plate boundary

What is most likely to happen to sand that is eroded from a beach by a longshore current?
a) it becomes part of an inlet
b) it deposited along another beach
c) it is lost to the deep ocean
d) it becomes part of an estuary

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