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32. The ribbon is divided into tabs and each tab is divided into ____ of commands.
a) groups
b) cells
c) boxes
d) a bunch of

31. Complete the analogy- ____ : spreadsheets :: cropping : photos
a) calculating
b) setting the print area
c) Sorting
d) multiplying

30. You use the ___ command to combine cells.
a) align
b) merge
c) copy and paste
d) column width

29. There are ___ points in an inch.
a) 36
b) 14
c) 12
d) 72

28. To paste a formula, you need to choose the clipboard with __ on it.
a) text
b) image
c) fx
d) nothing

27. When copying a formula, you need to be in ____ mode.
a) display formula
b) spreadsheet
c) copy
d) right click

26. You may use ___ to fill data automatically in a spreadsheet.
a) the box thing
b) autofill
c) copy and paste
d) cut and paste

25. Where can you find the tool to change the number of decimal places?
a) format cells-number
b) format cells-date
c) format cells-currency
d) Other

24. Under what tab do you find the insert header or footer tool?
a) Insert
b) Home
c) Formulas
d) View

23. Which formula uses division?
a) =C2+D2
b) =min(C2:C25)
c) =B6/C6
d) =sum(C3:C25)

22. A header and/or footer will appear on every page.
a) True
b) False

21. When you hover your mouse over a tool, a box appears that is called a ____________.
a) edit
b) home
c) the box thingy
d) tool tip

33. The page orientation that is vertical is referred to as _____.
a) landscape
b) sideways
c) portrait
d) up and down

34. A box that appears when you hover your mouse over a command or tool on the ribbon is called a _____.
a) suggestion
b) advice
c) tool tip
d) box

35. ____ is when you change the appearance of data or arrange it in a specific way.
a) aligning
b) formatting
c) changing the point size
d) bolding

36. When hash tags appear in a spreadsheet, this means ____.
a) nothing
b) you made a mistake in the formula
c) you have misspelled a word
d) the column is not wide enough for the data

37. Common errors when writing formulas are ___
a) using the wrong reference or cell address
b) forgetting to start the formula with an equal sign
c) using the wrong symbol for the operation
d) all of the above

38. Each cell can be identified by its unique _____.
a) spot on the spreadsheet
b) cell address
c) box thingy
d) appearance

39. T or F When renaming a file, you need to use the save as command.
a) True
b) False

40. What is the principal's name?
a) Hanna
b) Morris
c) Harmon
d) Whitley

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