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What action should be taken to get an accurate scientific measurement of the mass of an object?
a) The balance should be zeroed.
b) The barometer should be zeroed
c) The balance should be set to ounces.
d) The barometer should be set to ounces.

Computer modeling has improved the way meteorologists predict the weather. Is this technology the perfect solution for improving weather forecasting?
a) Yes. It predicts weather for months in advance with high accuracy.
b) No. It has increased the reliability of weather prediction but still makes mistakes.
c) Yes. It predicts the temperature, but it is difficult to predict rain.
d) No. It has decreased the reliability of hurricane prediction.

Why is a vaccine not the perfect solution for common viral illnesses such as the flu or the cold?
a) Many viral illnesses are also caused by bacterial infections, and nothing can cure bacterial infections.
b) Viruses infect blood and fluids rather than cells in the human body, so vaccines are useless against them.
c) Viruses change and mutate at such a high rate that vaccines could not be manufactured quickly enough to keep up with the chan
d) Viruses take over human cells turning them into little virus factories, so vaccines would kill too many cells with the viruse

Are wind turbines the perfect solution to the world's renewable energy issues?
a) No. Wind is a nonrenewable energy source.
b) No. It takes energy to produce the wind turbine.
c) Yes. There are no other renewable energy solutions being researched.
d) Yes. They are able to produce energy under all weather conditions.

A researcher discovers new evidence that does not support his original conclusion of a five-year scientific investigation. What should the researcher do next?
a) Ignore the evidence because it might not be true.
b) Take steps to get his original conclusion accepted as law.
c) Revise his study to incorporate the new evidence and retest.
d) Proceed with communicating his original experimental results.

What led scientists to revise their theories about the science of genetics in the late 1940s and 1950s?
a) The discovery of the role of the DNA molecule in the inheritance of traits provided new data.
b) It was proven that most DNA is made up of chromosomes that do not indicate phenotype.
c) They revisited the work of Gregor Mendel and determined that none of his findings were valid.
d) Optical lenses improved leading to more advanced microscopes with better resolution for viewing DNA.

Why was the Royal Society of London's skepticism of van Leeuwenhoek's discovery of microscopic life in 1676 important in the scientific process?
a) It caused Leeuwenhoek's fellow scientists to prove that life too small to be seen with the naked eye does not exist thus disp
b) It inspired other scientists to conduct microscopic research to confirm Leeuwenhoek's findings thereby changing current theor
c) It disproved the common belief that cells are the smallest, most basic unit of living matter.
d) It proved that the experimental process used by Leeuwenhoek was inaccurate.

When should scientists revise their conclusions?
a) when the conclusion does not support the hypothesis
b) when new evidence is found that does not support the conclusion
c) when the conclusion is based upon accurate data
d) when another scientist does not like the conclusion

Diabetes is a disease resulting in high blood sugar due to insufficient insulin production. Many drugs are available to treat diabetes. Which statement is a logical explanation for why so many drugs are available to treat one disease?
a) Many patients need to use high doses of the same drug to control the disease.
b) Some diabetics do not need drugs to manage their blood sugar.
c) The availability of many drugs raises the cost of managing the disease.
d) Every drug is not effective in every person, so a variety is needed.

A student performs several tests on two cells and concludes that one of the cells is a plant cell and the other is an animal cell. What observation did the student make to justify that conclusion?
a) One cell had a cell wall, and the other did not.
b) One cell had a nucleus, and the other did not.
c) One cell had a mitochondrion, and the other did not.
d) One cell had cytoplasm, and the other did not.

A scientist observed a skin cell and a muscle cell under an electron microscope. He noted that the muscle cell has more mitochondria than the skin cell. What can be concluded from this?
a) Muscle cells are less active than skin cells.
b) Skin cells are smaller than muscle cells.
c) Muscle cells are more active than skin cells.
d) Skin cells contain more DNA than muscle cells.

Many scientists accept the theory that excess carbon dioxide emissions from cars and industry form a layer of gas in the upper atmosphere that traps heat. The result is an increase in the average temperature on Earth. Which observation supports this
a) The summer of 2008 was one of the hottest seasons on Earth in recorded history.
b) Carbon dioxide gas is produced when fossil fuels are burned, a process that produces heat.
c) Carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere reflects heat radiated from Earth's surface.
d) Radiation on Earth's surface is increasing and has created a hole in the ozone layer.

Which statement describes quantitative observations?
a) observations describing how something tastes
b) observations using a microscope
c) observations describing the color of an object
d) observations using numbers

If Megan is asked to determine the density of a small irregular object, which two scientific tools would she use to determine its density?
a) graduated cylinder and a scale
b) thermometer and stop watch
c) compass and stop watch
d) scale and thermometer

Why is only one variable tested at a time during a scientific investigation?
a) to get reliable and accurate results
b) to make it easier to graph the results
c) to reduce the time it takes to do the experiment
d) to make it easier to repeat the experiment

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