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8. A row goes ____ and is identified by numbers.
a) up
b) down
c) across
d) nowhere

9. A column goes down and is identified with ____.
a) numbers
b) letters
c) symbols
d) diagonal

20. Where do you set grid lines for printing?
a) margins
b) page layout
c) Insert
d) Home

19. Under what tab do you set the print area?
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Page layout
d) Formulas

18. What is a spreadsheet?
a) lists of data that can be easily accessed
b) a query
c) a file that uses data for calculations
d) a thingy on the computer that does slide shows

16. Which formula would you use to multiply?
a) =sum(d12:g15)
b) =average(d12:g15)
c) =D13*E13
d) =MAX(D13:D43)

17. The ribbon is located
a) at the top of the screen
b) at the bottom of the screen
c) on the left
d) on the right

A formula is written in the ______.
a) page layout tab
b) column header
c) formula bar
d) tool tip

15. What formula would you use to average?
a) =SUM(C10:F10)
b) =AVERAGE(C10:F10)
c) =MIN(C10:F10)
d) =MAX(C10:F10)

6. If you always want to see certain rows or columns as you work on a spreadsheet, you can
a) freeze them
b) make them smaller
c) thaw them
d) make them bigger

13. What are the benefits of a function?
a) speed up calculations
b) slows down calculations
c) makes mistakes
d) Other

7. To display formulas in a spreadsheet, press
a) Ctrl + S
b) Ctrl + ` (grave accent)
c) F12
d) Ctrl + V

11. All formulas begin with a
a) +
b) -
c) /
d) =

12. A cell is a
a) box created when the column intersects a row
b) line where the column intersects a row
c) group of rows and columns
d) section at the top of the document

10. A spreadsheet can be used for
a) calculations
b) book reports
c) presentations
d) posters

5. A function is
a) another word for event
b) a hidden feature of Excel
c) a layer of formatting
d) a pre-defined formula that is already written for you in Excel

4. What function would you use to find the lowest number?
a) =max()
b) =min()
c) =sum()
d) =add()

2. What function would you use to add up numbers?
a) =max()
b) =min()
c) =sum()
d) =add()

3. In a spreadsheet, deleting and clearing are the same thing. T or F
a) True
b) False

1. What function would you use to find the highest number?
a) =max()
b) =min()
c) =sum()
d) =add()

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