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Earth And Space.[print questions]

How does the sun contribute to the formation of fossil fuels?
a) Fossil fuels come from the remains of living things, which got their energy from the sun.
b) The sun heats up the ocean to create correct temperatures for fossils to survive.
c) The sun is directly responsible for turning metamorphic rock into fossil fuels.
d) The sun creates wind that weathers rock on Earth's surface and turns them into fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are-
a) made from once-living dead organisms.
b) nonrenweable resources
c) creeated by increased temperatures
d) all of the above

Which conclusion could about the past if a cactus fossil is discovered in a tropical rain forest?
a) The cactus once thrived in wet environments.
b) Wind blew cactus seeds into the rain forest.
c) The climate has changed from hot and dry to warm and wet.
d) The cactus was probably carried to the tropical rain forest.

Students observed a type of soil that felt rough and scratchy, and its particles felt hard. The water also drained through the soil easily. Which soil did the students most likely observe-
a) clay
b) silt
c) sand
d) loam

Solid rock, weathering, eroison, and deposition, beach sand, ________and _________, sandstone. Which of the two processes fits into the blank
a) melting and cooling
b) erosion and compaction
c) compaction and cementation
d) evaporation and dissolving

Which process most likely forms stalactites and stalagmites?
a) slow deposition of minerals
b) fast erosion of soil
c) fast rising water
d) slow cooling air

All of these are related to the formation of oil or natural gas EXCEPT-
a) decomposed animals
b) decayed plants
c) sedimentary rock
d) active volcanoes

Which of the following best explains how layers of sediment can become rock over many years?
a) Sand in the sediment melts and turns into rock.
b) The weight of the water compacts the sediment into rock.
c) Changing water temperatures turn sand in the sediment into rock.
d) Pollution caused by humans turns sediment into rock.

What kinds of particles need to be present in marine mud in order for fossil fuels to form?
a) Mostly sand and a few small bits of wood.
b) Mostly decaying organisms.
c) Mostly lava and a few sedimentary rocks.
d) Mostly metal minerals.

Which statement gives the best characteristic of sedimentary rock?
a) Sedimentary rock is made of layers.
b) Sedimentary rock is cemented bits of grain.
c) Sedimentary rock is often limestone.
d) Sedimentary rock is common in Texas.

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