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Unit 7 Cont.[print questions]

Motivating factor for Europeans to explore all water trade routes?
a) increase trade with Asia and make more money
b) prove Copernicus' theory
c) find treasures lost at sea
d) discover new lands and products

Which country took the lead in exploration?
a) Spain
b) England
c) Germany
d) Portugal

Founded the 1st school of navigation?
a) Prince Henry the Navigator
b) da Gama
c) Dias
d) Columbus

This explorer was the 1st to sail from Portugal to India?
a) Prince Henry the Navigator
b) Da Gama
c) Dias
d) Columbus

Why did Columbus sail West?
a) to find Americas
b) find a quicker route to India
c) to spread Christianity
d) to escape poverty

What country sponsored a voyage to claim settlements in North America?
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) England
d) Brazil

Which was a motivation for Europeans to explore and settle new lands?
a) to spread Christianity
b) lack of adventure
c) to escape the heat of London
d) to start a new language

The exchange of plants, animals and ideas between Old World and New World?
a) Circumnaviation
b) Renaissance
c) Columbian Exchange
d) Reformation

What negative impact did Columbian Exchange have in New World?
a) new foods were introduced
b) 90% of population died from diseases
c) 10% of population died from diseases
d) horses began to be used for work and travel

Who was the 1st explorer to circumnaviage (sail around) the world?
a) Columbus
b) Da Gama
c) Magellan
d) Dias

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