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Which of the following are NOT names of muscles of the eye?
a) inferior rectus
b) medial rectus
c) abdominis
d) superior oblique

The sight and eye the most complex of the special senses
a) True
b) False

What are sounds produced from?
a) Focus
b) Retina
c) Vibrations
d) Cornea

How many structures are there in the ear?
a) 2
b) 8
c) 3
d) 4

Gustatory cells are:
a) Bipolar nuerons
b) Multipolar nuerons
c) Unipolar nuerons
d) Epithelial cells

The transparent window of the eyeball is known as the what?
a) Sclera
b) Cornea
c) Lens
d) Retina

Rods and cones are:
a) Optic nerves
b) photoreceptors
c) optic disk
d) fovea centralis

Rods are sensitive to light, therefore project no
a) Focus
b) Clearity
c) Color
d) Picture

In order to smell the chemicals in gaseous form must be transformed into
a) a solid form
b) a liquid form
c) a carbon dioxide
d) a higher gas frequency

The lens in the eye helps to _____ light
a) blend
b) focus
c) turn off
d) darken

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