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Every non-genetic influence surrounding an organism
a) interaction
b) heritability
c) environment
d) personal space

the study of limits of genetic and environmental influences on behavior
a) behavior psychology
b) behavior genetics
c) heritability
d) personal space

Threadlike structures of DNA that contain genes
a) DNA
b) chromosomes
c) Glial Cells
d) Neurons

Complex molecule that holds genetic info. ...makes up chromosomes
a) DNA
b) genes
c) genome
d) cells

Heretity units that make up chromosomes
a) genomes
b) DNA
c) genes
d) Testosterone

intructions for making an organism, contains genetic material in chromosomes
a) template
b) map
c) Genomes
d) Genes

Twins that the single egg splits in two from
a) Twins
b) Identical Twins
c) Fraternal Twins
d) Siblings

Twins from two different eggs
a) Offspring
b) Fraternal Twins
c) Siblings
d) Identical Twins

Emotional reactivness and intensity
c) Temperament

a) shheeeet

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