Science-Ch.18-Part 5 Question Preview (ID: 30884)

Electromagnetic Waves.[print questions]

FM stands for ____________________ modulation.
a) frequency
b) pitch
c) amplitude
d) infrared

As you turn the dial on a radio, you pick up different frequencies. Each station is assigned its own frequency known as that station's __________________________.
a) microwave
b) infrared wave
c) carrier wave
d) radio wave

Amplitude modulation means that the amplitude of the ____________________ is changed to transmit information.
a) infrared wave
b) carrier wave
c) radio wave
d) microwave

The letters in AM in AM radio stand for _______________ modulation.
a) carrier
b) pitch
c) frequency
d) amplitude

The light with the shortest wavelength has the _______________ frequency.
a) lowest
b) both the lowest and highest
c) highest
d) mid-range

_________________ light has the shortest wavelength.
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Yellow
d) Green

The light with the longest wavelength has the ______________ frequency
a) lowest
b) highest
c) both the lowest and the highest
d) mid-range

Electromagnetic radiation of a lower frequency than visible light is _______________________.
a) ultraviolet radiation
b) gamma radiation
c) infrared radiation
d) beta radiation

Electromagnetic radiation of a higher frequency than visible light is known as ________________________.
a) ultraviolet radiation
b) beta radiation
c) gamma radiation
d) x-rays

_________________ are the hardest to stop and therefore have the _____________________frequency.
a) Gamma rays, lowest
b) Gamma rays, highest
c) X-rays, highest
d) Ultraviolet radiation, highest

The sun emits mainly _______________ and visible light.
a) ultraviolet radiation
b) carrier waves
c) gamma rays
d) infrared waves

Is this the end?
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe!
d) not sure

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