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______________ light has the longest wavelength.
a) Yellow
b) Blue
c) Green
d) Red

What you see as different colors are ____________________ of different wavelengths.
a) gamma rays
b) infrared waves
c) electromagnetic waves
d) ultraviolet radiation

Infrared waves can detect objects that are __________________ than their surroundings.
a) warmer or cooler
b) warmer
c) cooler
d) none of the above

Most of the electromagnetic waves given off by an object at room temperature are ________________________.
a) gamma rays
b) radiant energy
c) ultraviolet radiation
d) infrared waves

the wide range of electromagnetic waves with different frequencies and wavelengths forms the ______________.
a) visible light spectrum
b) ultraviolet spectrum
c) electromagnetic spectrum
d) radiant spectrum

Radar, an acronym for RAdio Detecting And Ranging, uses ____________________ to detect objects in the same way as echolocation.
a) gamma rays
b) electromagnetic waves
c) infrared waves
d) ultraviolet radiation

What speed do all electromagnetic waves travel at?
a) speed of sound, 340 m/.s
b) speed of light, 2,000,000 m/s
c) speed of light, 300,000 km/s
d) speed of light, 3,000,000 m/hour

A gravitational field surrounds _____________________.
a) all objects
b) objects the size of the Earth
c) objects bigger than Earth
d) objects bigger than the Sun

A _______________ wave can't travel through space from the Sun to the Earth, but an _______________ wave can.
a) compressional, electromagnetic
b) electromagnetic, mechanical
c) mechanical, electromagnetic
d) transverse, sound

smallest bone in your body is where and is called the ______________?
a) outer ear-nail
b) middle ear-hammer
c) inner ear-hammer
d) elbow-tickle bone

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