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Which of the following is important in a controlled scientific investigation?
a) Having one independent variable and a control group
b) Repeat the experiment as many times as possible
c) Include as many lab safety precausions as possible
d) all of the answer choices

Which of the following parts of the ear includes tiny hairs that vibrate to transmit sound waves into nerve impulses for the brain to interpret?
a) Outer ear
b) Middle ear
c) Inner ear
d) Eardrum

Which of the following correctly describes the relationship between wavelength and energy?
a) As wavelength decreases energy decreases
b) As wavelength increases energy increases
c) As wavelength decreases energy increases
d) As wavelength increases energy remains the same

Which of the following is a mechanical wave that requires a medium (matter) in order to travel and cannot travel through the vacuum of space?
a) radio waves
b) microwaves
c) sound waves
d) visible light

Which of the following forces always acts in the opposite direction and slows down or stops an objects motion?
a) Gravity
b) Inertia
c) Friction
d) all of the answer choices

If Joe is pushing on a box with 50 Newtons of force to the right and Billy is pushing in the opposite direction with 75 Newtons of force to the left. What is the net force and direction of the box?
a) 125 Newtons to the right
b) 25 Newtons to the left
c) 25 Newtons to the right
d) 125 Newtons to the left

When the Moon is in the New Moon phase what would you expect Earth's tides to be?
a) Low tide
b) High tide
c) Spring tides
d) Neap tides

Which of the following formulas would you use to calculate the average speed of an object?
a) speed = distance X time
b) speed = distance + time
c) speed = distance / time
d) speed = distance - time

On what celestial object below would your mass be the greatest?
a) Jupiter
b) Sun
c) Earth
d) Your mass remains the same

Which of the following explains why Earth experiences night and day every 24 hours?
a) Revolution
b) Rotation
c) Tilted axis
d) Orbit

Which of the following BEST explains why the Moon has phases?
a) The Earth casts a shadow on the Moon
b) The Moon changes shape as it revolves around the Earth
c) Parts of the Moon reflect light differently as it revolves around of Earth
d) The moon grows and shrinks as it orbits the Earth

The difference between the arrival time of a Primary wave and a Secondary wave on a seismograph tells scientists which of the following?
a) Distance to the epicenter of an earthquake
b) Time to the epicenter of an earthquake
c) Distance to the focus of an earthquake
d) Time to the focus of an earthquake

Which of the following would be a geologic activity that you could expect to see along a convergent plate boundary where tectonic plates are coming together?
a) Volcanoes
b) Mountains
c) Subduction
d) all of the answer choices

Which of the following provides evidence for the different layers of Earth?
a) Earths magnetic field
b) Seismic waves
c) Density
d) all of the answer choices

Which of the following explains how populations of organisms can change over generations of time to create new and amazing adaptations?
a) extinction
b) behavior adaptation
c) physical adaptation
d) natural selection

Which of the following catastrophes is considered MOST responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs?
a) Volcanic eruptions
b) Habitat destruction
c) Impact event
d) sea-level changes

If rock layer A is on top of rock layer B. Which rock layer is older according to the law of superposition?
a) Rock layer A is older B
b) Rock layer B is older than A
c) Both rock layers are the same age
d) It is not possible to determine what rock layer is older

A good scientific investigation includes a valid comparison,such as growing plants with and without fertilizer to compare. What is this comparison called in a good investigation?
a) Independent variable
b) dependent variables
c) controlled variables
d) control group

What is the one variable you should change in a controlled scientific investigation?
a) Dependent variables
b) Independent variable
c) Controlled variables
d) Control group

What variables are the results of a good controlled scientific investigation?
a) independent variable
b) dependent variables
c) controlled variables
d) control group

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