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8th Grade Science Review 2.[print questions]

Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the least amount of energy?
a) visible light
b) infrared waves
c) radio waves
d) microwaves

Which of the following correctly describes the relationship between wavelength and energy?
a) As wavelength decreases energy decreases
b) As wavelength increases energy increases
c) As wavelength decreases energy increases
d) As wavelength increases energy remains the same

Which of the following is a mechanical wave that requires a medium (matter) in order to travel and cannot travel through the vacuum of space?
a) radio waves
b) microwaves
c) sound waves
d) visible light

Which of the following forces always acts in the opposite direction and slows down or stops an objects motion?
a) Gravity
b) Inertia
c) Friction
d) all of the answer choices

If all the objects are falling at the same speed, which object requires the most force to stop?
a) 1 gram raindrop
b) 2 gram metal paper clip
c) 3 gram paper airplane
d) 4 gram rubber eraser

Which of the following formulas would you use to calculate the average speed of an object?
a) speed = distance X time
b) speed = distance + time
c) speed = distance / time
d) speed = distance - time

When the Moon is in the New Moon phase what would you expect Earth's tides to be?
a) Low tide
b) High tide
c) Spring tides
d) Neap tides

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using expensive satellites in space?
a) there is no atmospheric interference
b) can be used anytime day or night
c) can be used in any weather condition
d) they can be easily used by amature astronomers

Which of the following BEST explains why the Moon has phases?
a) The Earth casts a shadow on the Moon
b) The Moon changes shape as it revolves around the Earth
c) Parts of the Moon reflect light differently as it revolves around of Earth
d) The moon grows and shrinks as it orbits the Earth

Which of the following explains what would happen to day and night on Earth if the Earth began to rotate at a slower rate?
a) The day-time and night-time would be longer
b) The day-time would be longer and night-time would be shorter
c) The day-time would be shorter and night-time would be longer
d) The day-time and night-time would be shorter

Which of the following would NOT be a geologic activity that you could expect to see along a convergent plate boundary where tectonic plates are coming together?
a) Volcanoes
b) Mountains
c) Subduction
d) New crust formation

Which of the following is NOT a surface feature found on the Earth's crust at subduction zones?
a) Rift valley's
b) Trenches
c) Volcanoes
d) Island or mountain formation

Which of the following does NOT provide evidence for the different layers of Earth such as the core, mantle and crust?
a) Earths magnetic field
b) Reflection and refraction of seismic waves
c) Density
d) Temperature differences of Earth at the equator and at the poles.

The arctic rabbits fur color changes from brown in the summer time to white in the winter. Which of the following best explains this rabbits adaptation?
a) natural selection favored rabbits fur changing color to make them less visible to predators.
b) natural selection favored rabbits fur changing color to help them move more on slippery ice.
c) natural selection favored rabbits fur changing color to protect their eyes from sunlight.
d) natural selection favored rabbits fur changing color to lower their average body temperature.

If rock layer A is on top of rock layer B and rock layer B is on top of rock layer C, which of the following is true according to the law of superposition?
a) Rock layer C is older than A and B.
b) Rock layer A is older than B and C.
c) Rock layer B is younger than A and C.
d) All of the rock layers are relatively the same age.

Which of the following catastrophes is considered MOST responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs?
a) Volcanic eruptions
b) Habitat destruction
c) Impact event
d) sea-level changes

If the Pacific Plate moved 90 kilometers in one million years. Which of the following is the average speed the Pacific plate in centimeters (cm) per year?
a) 900.0 cm per year
b) 0.9 cm per year
c) 90.0 cm per year
d) 9.0 cm per year

If a student wanted to determine how much force was need to move objects of different masses, which of the following would be put on the Y-axis of a graph as their results?
a) the amount of force
b) the amount of mass
c) the different objects used
d) all of the answer choices

A student wanted to determine the speed of a cart traveling down a ramp. Which of the following would be the best independent variable for a controlled scientific investigation?
a) change the force you push the cart and the type of ramps you use
b) change the number of books that make up the height of the ramp
c) measure the distance the cart travels using a stop-watch
d) measure the time the cart takes to stop using a meter-stick

Which of the following is NOT a good example of Newton's third law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?
a) when swimming you push against the water and the water pushes back propelling you forward
b) when jumping off a raft in the water and the raft floats away in the opposite direction
c) when you throw a ball against a wall and the ball bounces back to you
d) when driving in a car and the car stops suddenly you continue to move forward

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