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The cell theory says that:
a) Only animals are composed of cells.
b) None of the answers
c) All living things are made up of one or more cells.
d) NOT all living things are made of cells.

ALL cells:
a) have a nucleus
b) have a cell wall
c) can make their own engery using photosynthesis
d) use energy to carry out life processes

What is the function of the cell membrane?
a) to protect and support the plant cell
b) to make food for the cell
c) to control what enters and leaves the cell
d) to form a hard outer covering for the cell

Which cell organelle breaks down food to release energy?
a) chloroplasts
b) vacuole
c) mitochondria
d) ribosomes

What might happend if an animal cell did NOT have lysosomes?
a) the cell would not have the instructions to stay alive
b) the cell would not have any energy
c) the cell would die because it would have too much waste
d) the cell would not be able to send any materials out of the cell

What is the function of a cell wall?
a) to protect and support the plant cell
b) to let things in and out of the cell
c) to prevent water from entering and exiting the cell
d) to protect and support ALL cells

Which organelle uses the suns energy to make food for the plant?
a) cytoplasm
b) golgi body
c) ribosomes
d) chloroplast

Which is NOT found in an animal cell?
a) lysosome
b) ribosomes
c) cell wall
d) nucleus

This type of cell has NO nucleus:
a) plant cell
b) leaf cell
c) prokaryote
d) eukaryote

A tissue is a group of ____________ that work together to do the same job.
a) similar cells
b) muscles
c) organs
d) organisms

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